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Make Money as an Independent Nurse

Apr 2, 2008
Nursing has always been considered to be a noble profession. Nurses selflessly provide care, counseling and guidance to not just the ailing member, but also to the family members so that they can cope with the illness and live more comfortably.

Generally, the work in the nursing industry, till a few years back was of a typical nature. The nurse worked her shift in the hospital until she retired, received an average income and earned the stipulated holidays. The growing American economy has caught up in the health care sector too. The fact that there is an alarming shortage of nurses is not hidden. A great imbalance in the demand and supply of individuals in the nursing profession has lead to the boom in the nursing sector.

In the present times, nurses have ample of opportunities to grow. There are a number of options available today that may rejuvenate the nursing career, effectively overcoming the disproportionate income as compared to the long hours and dedication to the work they put in. A nurse can easily make a lot of money and live comfortably by diversifying. There are many opportunities like becoming an independent nursing contractor, starting your own nursing agency, nursing registry, nurse staffing agency etc. The options for increasing your income are endless.

As an independent nurse contractor, the nurse has the choice of the place and amount of hours to work for, giving professional independence and a significant income. As an independent nurse, you have to enter into a contractual agreement which would be drawn between you and the health care establishment for nursing services. The contract enables you to negotiate the hours of work, duration of your services and compensation. An independent nurse usually contracts with a health care establishment or with a patient, and is compensated by the hour.

The different types of health care establishments an independent nurse can opt for are nursing homes, hospitals, doctor's offices, nurse consultancy, home health, rehabilitation centers etc. Independent nurse contracting gives the opportunity to double or triple income without working overtime, enhance job satisfaction and gain a better control over career and financial conditions.

With the ever increasing shortage of qualified nurses, the nursing registry industry is growing by leaps and bounds. This area in nursing provides limitless opportunities. In order to start your nursing agency, all you need is the willingness and passion for being self employed is needed. There are many ready made packages available that can help start this business. These packages provide marketing strategies, administrative targets, organizational structure, nurse checklist forms, competency forms etc. The demand for good nursing care is huge and ever increasing, ensuring handsome profits.

Even on a smaller scale a nurse can start a nurse staffing agency as she or he works and earn a lot of money. By providing a registry for even two full time nurses, an earning of about $100,000, can be made, which is more than the annual salary drawn by a typical nurse!!! It is therefore advisable to diversify and bank on the booming nursing industry and make the millions now!
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