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Internet Marketing - The Benefits of Articles

Apr 2, 2008
Just as prospects in the flesh don't like you hassling them with irrelevant information. Don't send your internet leads to a landing page about "The Worst Internet Ideas Ever" when the link they clicked on said "The Top 10 Facts Of Any MLM Success".

Not only must we generate targeted traffic, we also must keep the target audience satisfied with what they are searching for to gain their trust, hence establishing yourself as the expert. Prospects and customers are attracted to your expertise more than anything else.

Monkey see, monkey do. As a leader you should only relay methods of marketing that have worked for you personally.

Extensive research is key. Completing worthy research is the foundation to any campaign. Complete your research from all possible angles, then attack your keyword in each campaign.

Do you have information about a product, service or idea? If so, relate that information to your prospects in the form of an article.

For example. Instead of creating a landing page about the benefits of hiring a professional gardener. Place that same information in an article.

Did you know instead of sending a newsletter you can send an Email Briefing that contains quality information with a link to an article?

Link your articles with affiliate products. For example. Describe how to build a tree house in 30 steps. Then provide a link to purchasing the wood for the tree house in your article.

Only create original materials. If you copy & paste information from one article to the next. Search engines like Google will penalize you for the duplicate content.

Stick to what you know. The most effective articles are because their writers pick a subject they know about.

Free marketing materials. Print the articles you write and send them in the Snail Mail to your prospects that prefer it that way.

Articles implore participation. Several article publishers are built in with a poll feature. Use this feature to ask questions and understand your prospects more.

The tips provided above have been successful for me in building internet relationships. People are people. They all want you to listen to their needs and provide a relevant solution.

If you can remember that in every interaction. Your campaign will be more successful and your highly targeted leads will remain loyal.

Building on the internet is just a matter of skill like anything else. Continue to practice your skill by writing several articles a day.

Also, use tools to ping your articles anytime one is published. This will help get the word about your keyword and in turn create more traffic.
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Justin Verrengia is the author of the "How To Create A Successful Campaign From Start To Finish" blog, and articles about personal growth as well as network marketing. To view more great free tips visit his blog at: How To Create A Successful Campaign From Start To Finish
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