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Become a Truck Driver- Here Is What I Love About Trucking

Apr 2, 2008
There are more trucks to be seen on the road today and more people who wish to become truck drivers. The reasons behind wanting to become a truck driver are many and very person has his own specific reason which prompts him to choose to become one. To some it may be the money, while to others it is the sheer love of being on the road. Yet others opt for the profession because of the health benefits that are given while on the job. Essentially one must love the job to become a dedicated trucker.


One very important reason for the hike in wages is the increasing shortage of truck drivers available. As a new driver the average annual income is thirty five thousand dollars which continues to rise with time. The wages are based on the number of miles logged in and the more the miles, the more the wages. Truck drivers who operate as independent contractors earn as much as one million dollars a year. When a truck driver signs up with a trucking company he is offered signing bonuses and also other incentives.


Other attractions are the benefits and insurance coverage that trucking companies offer new drivers. The insurance given covers health, long and short term disability, and also worker compensation. This means a lot to a trucker.

Seeing the Country

Most people love to travel to different places. You will not find a trucker who says he does not love seeing new places and also being on the road. A truck driver who is not attracted by new places can opt for a region-specific driving job. The United States has some of the best places across the stretch of the country, which is one of the reasons that go in favor of coast to coast driving. It is possible for a truck driver to break free of conventional restrictions and lay down his own schedule of working hours and the number of hours he would like to log in.

Adventure in the Job

Being on the move across the country will mean being away from home and sleeping in the truck. It needs adjustment and a passion for this kind of life if you want to be a truck driver. Sleeping on the high way is not very restful either. If you are single or without a home of your own, this way of life will be not be too difficult to adjust to and in this way you could save a lot of money and buy your own truck and then sub contract to the trucking company that had employed your services earlier!

Being a truck driver also means tough work, long hours of driving and being away from home frequently, in addition to the dangers and hazards of the road. But, if you can take all this and more you must really love a truck driver's job. Becoming a truck driver is the right job for you in that case. You will love it.
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