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Do You Want to Get PR for Your Company? The Power of Talk Radio!

Apr 2, 2008
The general business rule is that marketing departments are out to increase brand awareness and build solid sales leads for their company. Many of these professionals are unaware of the power that PR can bring to their marketing efforts. Instead, it is quite common for businesses to go down the costly road of advertising to get their company, product or services the desired exposure. But there is a much more cost effective answer: being interviewed as a guest on talk radio. This is an excellent way for companies to gain excellent local and national consumer exposure Whether you are a web based business or a chain with national clientele - talk radio can get you in direct contact with your consumers. Here is why talk radio is such a public relations goldmine:

1. Demographics and Target Audience. "On the AM dial most listeners are 35 to 64 in age, 55% male to 45% female, a large percent graduated high school and went onto college". "In addition to strong demographics there are also specialty talk shows that focus on finance, law, politics, health, relationships, lifestyles, consumer advocacy, sports, gardening and more so you can easily identify shows whose listeners are a match for your company, products and message."

2. Cost Effective Promotion. Don't think that because you are going to appear on a talk radio show that you will have to get on a plane! "Talk radio interviews are done by phone so no travel is involved. You don't have to leave your home or office to do an interview so you can easily integrate these interviews into your work schedule."

3. An Effective Sales Tool. Although public relations is definitely not paid advertising, if you get good coverage, it can be far more effective. "On talk radio, the majority of interviews are live, so it's like having a conversation with hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people while on one phone call". "A compelling interview on talk radio can sell your product or service without the audience even realizing they've been sold. Listeners will want to know how to get whatever the guest is talking about. And most hosts will freely mention your website address or toll free number for you so you don't sound like an infomercial."

4. Third Party Endorsement. Talk radio hosts have loyal followings (that's how they maintain their ratings). And listeners tune in daily to hear what their favorite host is talking about. "As that host is often thought of as an old friend or trusted adviser, when you appear as a guest on their show, listeners hear an implicit endorsement of you and your message."

5. Credibility. This is a crucial ingredient in every marketing campaign - and talk radio supplies it in abundance! "One of my clients told us, "every show I've appeared on, the host tells his listeners about my great expertise, my many accomplishments and how proud they are to have me as a guest on their show! Of course, the more important I am as a guest, the more important the host appears to be. As far as promotion and credibility goes - it just doesn't get any better!" Now that is some great PR!"

6. Enough Time to Tell Your Whole Story. With advertising you have a specific amount of space (in print) and time (on radio and TV). "As a guest you will often have ten to thirty minutes of time (sometimes more) with a very targeted and attentive audience to effectively tell your story, talk about the quality of your products or services and how it can benefit the listeners".

Well there you go: 6 reasons to be interviewed on talk radio that will gain national or local PR for you, your company, products or services.
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Marsha Friedman has been a leading authority on publicity for authors for nearly two decades as CEO of Event Management Services, Inc (EMSI). If you would like to receive her free Ebook "How to Be a Great Talk Radio Guest" visit http://www.emsincorporated.com.
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