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Richest Internet Billionaires Making Money Online

Apr 2, 2008
Have you met any Internet millionaires lately? While many are struggling to make their hundred dollar sale each month from the Internet, many successful online entrepreneurs are laughing to their bank with their Million Dollar internet Business.

However, have you met a real Internet Billionaire? The youngest billionaire on the Planet, also made his fortune on the Internet.

Here are the list of the estimated net worth in US$ billion of dollars, listed according to age

Youngest billionaire is 23 years old - Mark Zuckerberg - US$1.5 billion dollars from United States (founder of Facebook.com)

34 years old - Sergey Brin - US$18.7 billion dollars from United States (co-founder of Google.com)

35 years old - Larry Page - US$18.6 billion dollars from United States (co-founder of Google.com)

According to Forbes 2008 Billionaires report, there were 50 billionaires worldwide that were below the age of 40 and among the youngest ones are the 3 above, who all made their fortunes using the Internet while the rest of the billionaires inherited their billion dollar wealth.

Which countries have the highest number of Billionaires for 2008?

1. United States - 469 billionaires

2. Russia - 87 billionaires

3. Germany - 59 billionaires

4. India - 53 billionaires

5. China - 42 billionaires

Therefore, if you're not born into wealth, then you better learn the correct strategies to start accummulating wealth. Being an Internet millionaire is rather sweet too, don't you think?

Why should you consider making money online? Here are some of the benefits:-

1. You can make money anywhere, anytime

- rather than being limited to a certain geographic location, you can now work from home, or even run a business online when you are on holiday in a remote island
- in many professional fields, the consultant like lawyers, doctors or accountants might have restrictions on where they can practice their skills, but on the Internet, you can be in Bermuda and still sell to a Canadian customer

2. Anyone can start an Internet Business

- you don't need a degree or even working experience before you try out this career

3. Create wealth fast

- it's been proven that making money online can happen and while creating a global brand with your website, you can accumulate wealth in a shorter period. No more waiting for tens of years before you make your first million.

4. Low Starting Cost

- you only need minimal capital to start a website business. No costs for office rental, store renovation and in some instances, you won't even have to have pay for the stocks in advance

5. The fastest growing business industy

- it's crucial to start a business in an industry that is going upwards, so starting an Internet business is definitely not wrong. The internet industry is one of the very few industries that are still experiencing exponential growth

6. The Internet is NOT boring!

- you'll never feel bored when you in the Internet industry. There's always a better way or new product that you can launch online. So if you feel bored with website A, then you can do another website B and so forth.

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