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Are Get Paid To WebSites A Scam?

Apr 2, 2008
GPT or Get Paid To sites are web sites where individuals earn money to perform some sort of action. For example, people may get paid to read e-mails, complete offers, product trials, surveys or even shopping online. Some web sites will pay individuals in the form of cash while other sites will pay in the form of gift cards or some other type of prizes.

Many people who hear about such opportunities wonder if they are legitimate or if they are simply another online scam. It is a good thing to be skeptical because there are plenty of scams on the Internet. The answer to whether GPT sites are a scam is both yes and no.

It basically depends on which web site or company that you choose to work with. There are fly-by-night, get paid to web sites that are looking to scam you out of your personal information and time. However, there are those that are legitimate and who in fact, deliver out what they promise. When considering any get paid to website, there are a couple things that you should be aware of.

You may receive a lot of offers and e-mails from various companies, so if this is a problem for you, then you may want to re-consider signing up for any get to paid web site. You also have to be careful and vigilant against guarding your computer against spyware, viruses or adware from some companies. Also avoid any offers where you have to pay money upfront in order to get paid.

When you are considering various GPT sites, you can do a little research. If you find a site that seems interesting, then Google it or look it up in the search engines and see the feedback that the site is getting, if you find a lot of negative reports, then by all means avoid that site like the plague. However, if you do find a GPT site that has a great reputation for paying its members and being honest stick with them. These can be a great way to earn extra income have a little fun. The surveys or offers don't take that long to do and if you download an automated form filler.

Established and trusted sites will offer very high payout percentages to their members, and they typically have lots of international offers, so people around the world can make money from their web site. They also give 20% of all money earned, back to members that recommend friends to sign up with the company.

They will also have very social and active forums on their sites, where members discuss offers and give advice from each other.

So if you are looking for a site where you can get paid to complete offers and are looking to earn fast cash money while doing very little work, you may want to consider a get paid to site. Again, you can get paid cash and make money doing online surveys and even get cash to sign up for various offers and trials. If you are willing to exchange a little bit of your time, you can make good money part time online.
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