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The Reason People Fail To Make A Living Online

Aug 17, 2007
In today's world, life gets more difficult and more complicated. Working for locally offline for a company and for money is going from bad, to worst. Such local difficulties are making both eccentric and goal oriented people to look for other income streams other than their regular 8 to 5pm jobs. Many are going for the online marketing dream- the Internet. Many people have seen the possibilities of making an excellent income online, both full-time incomes and part times. I am proud to say that I am one of those persons that is currently making a full-time income online. Either by selling eBay tangible items, self-help books and how-to information.Before you go in full to the Internet marketing exciting quest, I want to point out to you the elements that are of incredible lack in people went trying to make an income solely from the Internet. Many years have passed and the below elements are the ones that people are weak for making it online with a full-time income.

Both online marketer's and newcomers struggle to make a full-time income online because of:

1) Mind conditioned- Still in this days, I find the process of people that are trying to make a change from working in a J-O-B to make an enthusiastic switch, to an investment in business. Because of many of our family, country culture and family tradition- must people just work for money, because of the all time "conditioned mentality of security.

2) Lack of Passion- This happens often, many people do things because they need to, not because they love to, therefore, a person struggles to finish both his short-term and long-term goals. Imagine starting a "George Bush" cartoon website, and you hate Bush? And no, I don't believe in politics!

3) No Enthusiasm- If there is no passion, in my belief... the element of "Enthusiasm" won't survive or perhaps, won't even begin. Even when I have struggled so much at the beginning on the Internet, I am finally making a good living at it...even while people though I was nuts and crazy while explaining in a very 'nutshell' what I wanted out of it. If you believe in it and have enthusiasm, there is no way an ignorant or poor mind will have you wrong, at least that is with my experience and my way of seeing things so far.

4) Discipline- Perhaps the one I am now solving, I did struggle with this a lot, but heck, who else does not? A lot of online marketing prospects are weak in this area, I was too. If we just correct this important life proactive habit, even as small business online marketer, it could be easier for achieving success. Then fortune 500 companies and million dollar companies will have to battle a lot to get in their position online with us as the expert marketing minds. No joke. Discipline get things done, without it, having money work for you online, is a bit more complicated. We just need to create a discipline habit.

5) Goals- You are probably tired of reading and hearing from this one, however, do you follow this element by the day? In other words, are you one of those persons that wakes-up in the morning and does not know what you are going to wear for the routine job or perhaps for the weekend date? If this is you, this is a lack of goals. You need to have goals for every single day, if you don't- it will be just another day that time will tell what you can do, and you won't be in-charge to decide what to do with your own time.

If you are weak in one of the above elements, do whatever it takes to get stronger at them. Successful people are in-charge of every single one of the mentioned elements, and not only that, such successful people have a proactive mindset for following every single routinely day with every element. Once you feel strong and with a burning desire to have money work for you, you have great options for making a very good living online, one of them being "Wholesale Video Games". With the right distributors and the correct wholesale list sky is the limit.
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