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Fully Cooked Sites That Sell, 5 Ingredients to Content Sizzling Sites

Apr 2, 2008
I was recently searching the net for direct sales and network marketing businesses in search of some unique examples to share with my clients. When I use the term "unique", I simply mean sites that have innovatively created a different presence than that of the replicated sites provided by their parent company.

I came across an interesting site of a woman affiliated with a candle company. Candles are the in thing so I thought this would be a good site to review.

It didn't take long to see the site was struggling. It was like a mystery casserole with all kinds of stuff thrown in and baked 30 minutes instead of the full 60. The content was all over the place and it was hard to keep up.

Topics switched from one to the other on the home page and each subsequent page was just as jumbled as the first. The content was poorly written with several grammatical errors and there were far too many candle images. The end result of this mystery web casserole was a runny, gooey mess.

It was difficult to focus on one aspect for more than 30 seconds because my attention kept getting drawn away by all of the busyness of the site. Appropriate and tasteful images certainly help add to a site's aesthetics, but there is another way to build a better website that holds your visitors' attention.

A beautiful site with poor content is the equivalent of golden brown and crispy fried chicken that after the first bite you discover is still pink on the inside. You can bet that birdie is headed for the nearest trashcan. You don't want the same doom for your website.

To really appeal to your visitors' appetites, here are five ingredients you should think about when developing your site to create an overall package that not only looks good, but is rich and flavorful once you get beyond the packaging and start to dig in:

Build your site around a common problem that your product or service can easily solve. Choose only one element or product of your business. Build the excitement and the focus around that one theme. Once your audience is sold on this one idea, selling them on subsequent products and services in your business will be much easier.

Be generous in your servings and let your visitors have as much information you can possibly share on your focused theme. People love to get something for nothing; especially when it's generous heaps of useful information.

When it comes to producing quality content for your visitors this is not the time to cut corners. You either hire someone who is a skilled writer and can craft your message eloquently, or, you take the time to learn how to craft your messages like a skilled writer. Either way, the time and effort put into the site will show and your visitors will appreciate your detail and trust your recommendations.

Double and triple check your work. I recommend these very steps to my clients and they are the same ones I use myself:

* Step away from the work for a day or overnight, and return to it later with fresh eyes and a clear head.
* Go the extra mile and have a second person review the work for you. There's nothing like a second set of eyes and a fresh perspective to help uncover something you may have missed.

Doing what you love while helping others should be fun. Remember to stay in touch with those good feelings of why you chose this business and your passion will shine through.

Remember these five key ingredients when it comes time to develop your website and you'll be well on your way to a yummy site that sells.
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Direct Sales Marketer and Writer Kitara R. Wilson, "The Writing Wonder Woman", created The 7 Hidden Pearls to Writing Words That Sell!. If you're ready to take your business to the next level with power-punching content, visit http://www.WritingWonderWoman.com and download your free copy today.
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