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Gold & Red Cards Will Make You A Ton Of Money

Apr 2, 2008
Years ago I was embarrassed in front of a customer because I did not remember his wife's name. I should have remembered her name because they together had purchased electronics, furniture, appliances and tires from me for over 12 years.

I vowed this would never happen again. Since I have a terrible memory I started writing everything down about every customer on index cards. Everything: name, address, telephone number, fax number, spouses name, every birth date of every member of the family, mother and father in-laws names and special dates, brothers and sisters, girlfriends names and special dates, (including anniversary of their meeting), what they had purchased from me and when, what I thought they might purchase from me in the future, etc.

Now right about, now you are thinking this is a lot of work. Well it really isn't because you do it over the time you first market to your new prospect and continually add to it. I started to make sales because I had information and used it that my competition did not have.

For examples:
If you were in my electronics store to purchase a new television and while there I demonstrated a stereo system to you, I wrote down on my card that you were interested in a stereo system. Then a month before your birthday or a birthday of someone in your family I would telephone you and tell you the stereo system you were looking at was on sale.

My system always worked in my Jewelry store. Everyone looking at Jewelry indicated other pieces they wished they had when they purchased what they came in to buy. All I did was write the item down on my index card and wait until an occasion, (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc) came and then contacted them.

When you purchased tires from my tire business we would measure the amount of life left in your brakes, determine when you needed an oil change (by asking you) and then when we figured it was time for you to replace your brakes, or change your oil, we called you.

I can go on and on and give you thousands of examples because my index cards became my major form of marketing. This marketing system, my white
index cards make me so much money I call them GOLD CARDS.

I was telling the sales professionals of Exterior Supply Co., during our sales growth seminar, this sales marketing and selling technique and the owner Mike Emily gave us an idea that is just as good.

Mike, knowing that the more you know about your competition the easier it is to sell against them, came up with the concept of RED CARDS. A card with every bit of information there is about each of your competitors. I would include information about each of their sales people, prices, items they carry and items they push most, their buying terms, hours of operation, delivery information and who their customers are.

Also what their customers like best about them, (We always want to know that, so we can do it better.) and what their customers like least about them. (So we can capitalize on their short comings.). All you have to do is telephone their customers and ask them. Like your customers, you can never know too much about your competition.

GOLD CARDS have made me a ton of money for years and now RED CARDS are adding to my profits.
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Bob Janet uses 40 plus years of face-to-face selling and marketing experiences, combined with his unique fun-entertaining presentation audience involved style to help sellers gain and retain their most profitable customers. See all Bob's sales growth programs at http://www.BobJanet.com
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