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What is Internet Marketing? Useful Informations for Every Internet Marketer

Apr 2, 2008
What is internet marketing? Internet marketing, also known as online marketing or e-marketing, does not simply mean 'building a website' or 'promoting a website'. Internet marketing is the process of growing and marketing products or services over the internet.

There are many methods of internet marketing. These includes search engine marketing, display advertising, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, article marketing, press releases, free promotions, interactive advertising, online reputation management and also social media marketing methods such as blog marketing, and viral marketing.

Hundred of thousand of people from all around the world use internet marketing to promote their own products or services or to promote third party products or services. Few of them are very successful; we can call them "Internet Marketing Experts". While many are trying to make a dollar online, these experts are earning millions of dollars through their internet marketing projects.

If you are like me and the majority of internet marketers, you should be appalled by the idea that this small group of experts (less than 0.0034% of all online marketers) are hoarding a collection of strategies, secrets, techniques, tricks and even marketing weapons that allow them to control 99.997% of the web's wealth.

This even blows away the widely accepted 80/20 rule we're all familiar with that usually implies that 20% of the people control or possess 80% of the money.

For sure you know or have heard about one or many of the internet marketing methods motioned above. All the topics are the same as those discussed generally and openly online among internet marketers. But most of the time they don't work. Those experts are doing perhaps just a degree or two off from the mainstream and that's making all the difference in the world!

It's similar to two people who both take karate: one's a beginner (like many of us) while the other (these Experts) is a 7th degree black belt. While both are karate practitioners who study the exact same styles and moves, there is clearly a broad gap between their respective skill levels.

There is one internet marketing expert who's making $60 million a year online from just email marketing alone! And another one who's making over $180 million a year using just 1-paged websites that contain no graphics, and nothing fancy, yet which churn out cash by the ton daily.

Some of these experts are sharing their knowledge through personal training, seminars etc. But it is well known that they charge well above $1000 per hour.
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