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Seven Questions That Can Lead You To Internet Income

Apr 2, 2008
Are there people making tons money on the Internet? Yes! Are there people who spend a lot of time and money on the Internet and never make a dime? Yes! The Internet is full of scams, rehashed programs, overpriced products, hit and run operators, and confusion. It is somewhat like the boom days were in the old west. There were a few people who knew what they were doing that made fortunes and a lot of people that jumped into it unprepared and lost their shirt. Do not misunderstand there are a lot of great programs out there that you can use to make money. The key is to find the right one. The seven questions below are a great tool to help you find the income opportunity that is right for you. Good luck on your quest!

Does this type of opportunity fit a model you are comfortable with?
Some people simply want an opportunity to work from home while others want to build a big organization. Ensure that the opportunity you choose fits the way that you like to work. In addition, if you are looking for something part time ensure that it is an opportunity that can be done on your schedule. Internet opportunities take time and effort. You need to find one that you can really commit yourself to. So, look for a program that fires you up. In any business venture there will be some tough times. Find a program that you will be just as excited about when the challenges come.

How is the program delivered (eBook, audio, paper, etc.)?
Everyone has a preferred learning style, and it is best if you can find programs that are delivered in your style of preference. Most programs on the Internet today are delivered in an electronic format with the most popular being PDF documents. In addition, many programs are delivered in video format. The good news is that electronic programs can be downloaded immediately, so you can get right to work on your future.

Is the cost of the program within my budget?
Internet opportunity programs can be as cheap as $10 or as much as thousands of dollars. If you only have a small budget to work with you can still find good programs to purchase. There is no need to start off in a financial hole. You can always invest in expensive things like personal coaching later when you are absolutely sure what you want to do, or when the money starts rolling in.

Are there additional costs?
When you are evaluating potential opportunities you need to think about any additional expense you will incur when you implement the program. Some programs require a website, others require the ability to accept credit cards, others may want you to maintain some kind of inventory. It is important that you assess, as best you can, those additional expenses, and make sure you have the budget for them.

Does the program have testimonials included on the sales page?
Testimonials are one way to get a sense of how legitimate the program is. Yes, the program owner could take pictures of family or friends and put glowing recommendations by them, but that is the exception not the rule. One thing you can do is look for websites associated with the testimonial and go check out the website of that person. You will get a quick sense for how worthwhile their recommendation is. It is especially telling if the web address is no longer valid. Remember, buyer beware!

Does the program have a forum associated with it?
Many of the good programs now have extensive forums associated with them. These forums are a great place to get support from others using the program but also to learn more about the business and get help with challenges you run into.

Is there a guarantee with the program?
It is impossible to know how easy it is to get a refund on a program you buy until you actually try and get one. However, a strong clearly written guarantee will be important if you ever do need to try and get money back for a program you are dissatisfied with.

If you apply these seven questions to the opportunities you consider it will put you much closer to success than you could be if you were going in blind. Also, beyond these questions, if you find that you just do not feel comfortable with a concept, pitch, or promise you should walk away. There are plenty of other opportunities down the road. One of them will be right for you.
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