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What Autoresponders Can Do For Your Online Business

Apr 3, 2008
Did you know that an autoresponder can improve your sales significantly? It works on auto pilot, even responding to queries while you're asleep. These little programs automatically reply to messages around the clock, and in some cases are almost instantaneous. Since most people need to be exposed to an offer seven or more times before they're willing to buy, an autoresponder can help you get the word out, and convert potential customers into real buyers. Most people don't make a purchase on the first, second, or even the third visit to your site. While we like to think we have products that are high enough in quality to make even the most skeptical person into a buyer, most people actually have to think about it for a while. This is where an autoresponder comes in handy.

By providing the opportunity for interested people to sign up for more information, you have the ability to keep more potential customers. Most people are trying to find a reason not to buy, or are comparing products to see which one is best. By providing regular, high quality information about your products and deals, you can remove doubts and make potential customers feel a lot more comfortable. You're also keeping your company name and website fresh in their minds. If you don't make use of an autoresponder for capturing visitors contact information, you could be using money. There are lots of ways to improve your profits using an autoresponder. Here's one of the most common.

Step 1: Put a form allowing visitors to opt in on your home page. Also, place it in appropriate locations on other pages, and on the pages of people who are hosting your advertising. People can add their email address to your list from here. Be certain to reassure them that there's no obligation, and all the information you'll be providing is free. It's also a good idea to let them know that you're not planning to redistribute their email address, as many people avoid signing up because of this fear.

Step 2: Offer some kind of free content to encourage more sign ups. This isn't vital, but it does provide an incentive to get on the list. For instance, you could offer an Ebook, report, or even a small discount for the names and addresses of people who come to your site. Be sure not to ask for any more information than you absolutely need, as many people are worried about the possibility of unsolicited email from other sources, and even identity theft. It's important not to scare off potential customers who might sign up for the list.

Step 3: Create a series of messages for your autoresponder, such as testimonials, a limited time offer, or information about your product. Be sure to provide links back to your webpage in each message. Send them out at intervals, regularly enough to keep your name fresh in potential customers' minds. Be sure you don't send them out too often, however. You could become associated with too much email, destroying the image you've tried so hard to build. How often your autoresponder should send out messages depends on what kind of sale you're trying to make. Soft sales, such as the use of testimonials or other information, should go out once a week or so. However, if you have a limited time offer, you should send an two or three emails out over the course of a few days.
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