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Improving Your Sales Using Autoresponders

Apr 3, 2008
One very effective tool for Internet marketing is the autoresponder. These widely used tools instantly respond to email addresses for you, sending a pre-prepared message with information you want people to have. That saves a lot of time and effort on your part, letting you get more important things done instead of spending hours replying to messages. There's also no delay in getting information out, since an autoresponder is on the job around the clock. Lots of people actually run most of their online business via an autoresponder.

Another great benefit of autoresponder is their ability to help you track responses to ads, and make an email list of people who may be interested in your products and services. For instance, placing a box with your email address below an offer you've posted online can help you increase your sales. State that you'll offer free information without any obligation. When someone signs up to receive this information, the autoresponder is triggered, sending a series of messages about your offer and its benefits. Each message should contain links to your site, especially to the parts featuring your offer.

While studies show that it's only about ten percent of the population that makes impulse purchases, most websites are marketing to that audience. By encouraging customers to "buy now" instead of thinking about things, businesses are trying to tap into impulse buying. However, that's excluding the large percentage of people who'd like to have some time to think about things before they'll give you a credit card number. By using an autoresponder to provide information about your services and products, you're expanding your customer base to include some of those people.

Remember - a series of emails is always more effective than a single one, because it keeps your business and its name current in the minds of prospective customers. That's why it's better to send information in several small pieces, rather than one big chunk. Just beware of overdoing it. You don't want your business associated with too much information! However, the more times someone is exposed to the message you want to spread, the more likely he or she is to become a customer. Consistent, regular communication with the group of people you'd like to capture is the best way to turn them into buyers.

Other ways to use autoresponders to help your business include distributing articles, reports, and e-courses on subjects related to your products and services and providing free information about your business. This can be something as simple as a welcome message that provides basic information and links, or as complicated as a detailed price list and product listing. You can send thank you notes to valued customers and confirm that an order's gone through, or send an email containing coupons and discounts. Just about any time you need to send an email with non-personalized information, you can use an autoresponder. That's why these great little pieces of software are so useful for anyone who wants to market their business and improve sales.
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