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Free Autoresponders Versus Paid Autoresponders

Apr 3, 2008
Everyone loves something for free, but is a free autoresponder really what you need for your business? These products are free for a reason, and they may not offer you the benefits you really want. While they're better than nothing, you might actually find out that they cost you money in the long run. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to make the small investment in a paid autoresponder instead of making use of free programs.

One big problem is that many free autoresponders have a limit on the number of people you can add to your list. That's normally between three and five hundred, though each free autoresponder will have its own terms. How is that a problem? While a few hundred people might seem like a lot in the beginning, chances are you'll run out of space. That means that people who come to your website to sign up after the time is up won't be able to. You'll never know about them, and they might even be less likely to buy because they can't get the information they've requested. However, a limited list size isn't the only thing about free autoresponders that could cost you.

It's common to send emails in HTML, because this allows you emphasize words, add pictures, and do a lot more with your message. People usually sign up because you have a good product and an attractive ad. However, if your emails aren't as attractive, they may be put off. Since most free autoresponders are text format only, you may find that messages you send with them are boring and don't do the job.

Many free programs pay for their development with ads. Once you pay a fee, you can get rid of them, but until then, every message you send out promoting your company and product will have someone else's ad tacked on. That means that there's something else in the message to distract potential customers from the real goal: becoming a buyer. Don't let ad supported software draw attention away from your message.

Of course, no one wants to pay for a program without a chance to use it. There's a way to find out if a particular autoresponder's right for you, though. Just sign up for a free trial with a company that has a good reputation. You'll get all the features of the paid autoresponder for a month or more, without your emails being cluttered with ads, and without the danger of a list cap. Free trials give you the chance to figure out how an autoresponder works before you pay, rather than after. This saves you from discovering that you've paid for a program that just doesn't do the job. If you're tempted by free autoresponders, do yourself a favor. Try a free trial instead, and discover the benefits a paid product can offer.
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