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Autoresponders Can Increase Sales

Apr 3, 2008
One of the most useful tools you can use in Internet marketing is an autoresponder. These are a popular way to respond to emails instantly and around the clock. A pre-prepared message goes out, offering your prospective customer base the information they should have. There's no delay, and your time becomes your own again. Having an autoresponder working for you makes it a lot easier to improve sales without putting in a lot of time.

You'll also be able to track ad response, and find people who want the products and services you offer. An autoresponder allows you to easily add these people to your email list and target them with appropriate information. One common way to do this is to place a sign-up box right below your ad. People can enter their email address into this box for more information about the product. Be sure to let prospective customers who are interested in your information know that there's no obligation to buy, and that you won't sell their email addresses. These are two of the most common reasons that a visitor to your site or your ad might be hesitant about signing up. You should also avoid asking for more information than strictly necessary, as this can lead to fears of identity theft.

Once you've collected a list of email addresses, you can prepare a series of messages to be sent out at intervals by your autoresponder. Be sure that these contain real, solid information, and that they contain links to your site. Since most people don't buy right away, this is one way to convert more casual browsers into customers. It takes a lot to get someone to give you their credit card number. A series of emails that helps keep your name and product current in your prospective customers' minds is one way to create the kind of exposure that will convince them to buy.

Several small messages are usually more effective than a single large one, since they remind your list that you're out there. It's important to send them consistently, and at a good interval. Of course, depending on the type of sale you're trying to make, this interval can be different. When advertising a two day fire sale, you'll want to send a series of messages quickly. If you're trying a soft sell approach, such as offering testimonials about your product and company, and trying to gradually get potential customers to come around, you'll want to space messages out further. No matter which approach you use, regular, consistent communication with your potential buyers is the best way to convert them.

Of course, conversion isn't the only thing that autoresponders are good for. They help you keep in touch with your existing customer base, provide information about promotions and industry news, and even let your distribute articles and reports. You can send out thank you notes, order confirmations, and even product listings using an autoresponder. If you're tired of sending out email after email, and want to be able to provide information quickly and automatically, an autoresponder is the right choice.
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