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Make money online with a List

Apr 3, 2008
What is list building? Building your email list is known as list building. Why do you need to grow your email list? An email list is essential for the growth of a business in today's connected world. If you can manage your email list efficiently, half your battle is won. A big, growing email list provides you with an ultimate opportunity to grow your sales.


Building a relationship with your subscribers is a very important factor. Many times one gets bombarded with emails from people to whom youve subscribed, offering you a whole bunch of products were they will make money off you. Most of them are rubbish..a good marketer carfully picks his products and how many times to try to sell

Spamming is the death to all list building business. Its againts the law and no one will certainly buy from you. Your Internet provider will give you problems and you will lose any name you might have built yourself.

List building is all about relationship. BY using bulk list, there is no relationship in your list building and no one knows you so they will quickly delete your emails, even before opening it.

List building is all about relationship. The more time you put into perfecting your list,by perfecting your emails, the better chance you have.

Patience is the virtue that builds fortunes. When you inculcate patience, your objective of money making gets overridden by your concern for your subscribers. Never attempt to make a quick buck. Give your subscribers more in use value than what you take from them in cash value. That way you will earn money as well as loyalty.

What you offer is really the crunch of the matter. If you offer somthing irresistable then you will get a lot of subscribers,if not you wont get any. Think wisely before putting up an offer.

What you need for List Building.

A domain name for your website A hosting account for your website An auto responder to send messages

So if you have the above then youre ready to start collecting emails.Put up a free offer ,get their info,and give them their free item.It does not take long to get going.

So thats the basics of List building.Remenber these three points.Respect,Patience and keep tweaking.
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