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Learned From the Best but Internet Marketing Isn't Working?

Apr 3, 2008
Anyone trying to make a living with Internet marketing has at least three things against them: They are working on their own, they are being bombarded with new products all the time, and they will find it very tempting to jump from one money making plan to another. How does one ever succeed online?


Working from home for yourself requires a determined discipline that you'll need to maintain. It's very easy to put off work that morning because there was a good show on Satellite TV. Especially in the initial stages you will need to be doing this full time so don't fabricate excuses. Get to the computer and do some work. Keep a regular schedule and earn some money!

You are totally on your own. Keep the discipline up and make sure you schedule your time effectively. This is going to be vital to your business.

It's very easy to lose half your morning going over emails instead of getting work done. Make a list of the email lists you're subscribed to that really matter to you and ditch the rest. If your email account gets over spammed then change it to a fresh one and only update the lists you want to remain on and your contact list. You can increase your productivity many fold by following these simple rules.

So keep your subscriptions to email lists down to 3 or 4. That's plenty. If anything really important gets released at least one of them will be promoting it so you won't miss anything. Consider subscribing to their RSS feeds instead as an option.

It also takes self-discipline to not purchase every new product that comes out with big promises of making you big money or simplifying your life. The basic rule to follow is if it doesn't help you in the area you have chosen to focus in, or if you already have more than enough, then pass it by.

Products that do deserve some consideration and those that may cut your workload down by automating some part of it. Do consider these as your time is one of your most precious commodities. This could possibly include using a service that will take care of some of your jobs more efficiently. These could be wise investments.

But if it is a product that teaches something that you really don't need at this point, then don't fall for it. A new drill could be tempting but if you already had one that did the job your money would stay in your pocket. Be prepared to let it pass.

Focus on Your Business

It's an absolute necessity to maintain your focus on your business and not get distracted. Spend some time creating a business plan and then make sure that you follow it to the letter

If, after you have given it a chance, you find that the plan is not working, then consider altering course. But be careful you are not changing your business plan just because you have become bored with it.

Working from home is very exciting at first but like most things it can become routine and certain tasks become humdrum. It's a good idea to network with other home business owners from time to time and maybe change the routine around some after a period. Don't become bored with your business.

Your business plan is central to your success so never mess about with when you're tired and feeling a little down. You need to regain your focus when this happens so take a break and re-evaluate your plan when you are fresh and focused. Your business plan may be a good one and could just possibly need a little tweak or two.
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