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Free Conference Calling: A World of Possibilities

Apr 3, 2008
Conference calling used to be a costly prospect, costing some businesses and associations ten of thousands of dollars yearly. This is no longer the case. Knowledgeable businesses are turning to free conferencing services for their collaborative communications and putting that money to better use. With a line item of $0 in the communications budget, users are smiling all the way to the bank!

The pluses of Free Conference Calling go way beyond the "free" part. The service is wholly digitized, built on voice routers. The sound is crisp, as opposed to analog conference bridges, which are famous for static. Users enjoy excellent connections consistently.

Free Conference Calling is reservationless and usable 24/7. Lots of people can participate at the same time in as many calls as you need. Calls are limited to six hours at one time, but you can make a limitless number of calls. Many businesses schedule several calls per week for various groups or different purposes, among them training, information propagation, and staff assessment.

Along with free conferencing, free conference recording and playback are offered. With associates who who are out and cannot make a live conference, it is simple for them to download the conference to PC for playback in their free time. No one will miss a call!

The service has the advantage of being very simple to use. It only takes a moment to open an account, which can be used at once. All you need to do is advise participants of the time and give them the dial up number and access code. Easy to follow prompts guide callers, and equally simple cues let call directors achieve a number of objectives, such as make a call "listen in" only or block additional callers from joining.

For these reasons, there are over 5 million monthly users, among them over one hundred Fortune 500 companies. More and more companies are discovering every day that "free" results in big dividends.
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When subscribing to free conference calling, keep in mind nothing is better than free.
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