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3 Outlaws Secrets To Recruiting Into MLM (Part 1)

Apr 3, 2008
Lets talk about the top 3 secrets to recruiting into MLM... First off are there secrets to recruiting into MLM?

You bet there are!

And if you are not aware of these 3 recruiting secrets, you are going to have a tough time being successful in your MLM business!

In this article I am going to cover the 1st of the 3 secrets... be sure to look for the other 2 as they are just as important if not more!

Visit MLM OutLaws Blog to read the other 2 secrets!

So the 1st of the secrets to recruiting into MLM is all about the Warm Market Dilemma!

Do I go to my warm market

Should I waste my time on my warm market

Is the warm market even worth it!

Well let me start off by saying right out of the gates... I am a firm believer in using sound marketing techniques to build a MLM business... and working your warm market is not based on firm marketing techniques...

However... I am a firm believer in the importance of working your warm market... and the reason is... I created a very nice six figure income by doing so... and on top of that if you are not working your warm market you simply do not get the power of network marketing.

You see everyone you bring into the business has a warm market of anywhere from 200 - 2000 people!!! So if you are one of these cold market only junkies you are seriously shooting yourself in the foot... you are leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table!

Now there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to work your warm market. The right way is one of the secrets to recruiting in MLM that you must know...

So what does the A-typical person in MLM do when they try and recruit from their warm market?

They barff all over their friends and family... they tell them everything they know (most of it is wrong) about the company, products, compensation plan, timing, etc!

Their prospect looks at them like they have lost their minds and turns around and runs the other way as fast as they can!

Working your warm market is not about selling!

The secret to recruiting into MLM from your warm market is to use the power of 3rd party tools!

3rd party tools such as DVD's, CD's, Websites... simply point your prospect to these tools and let the tools do the work for you! This is an important secret... because it shows your prospect how easy this business is to do!

The last component of this secrets to recruiting into MLM is to have posture! Do not beg people to join.... sound excited but controlled... you have something they need... do not beg them to join... act as if you are interviewing them for a position in your million dollar business!

This is a major secret that the top income earners use to recruit into their MLM business!

Stay tuned for secret #2 of the 3 outlaws secrets to recruiting into MLM!
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