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Internet Directories And Their Role In The Internet

Apr 3, 2008
In the early days of the Internet, it was a tough job to find any sort of organization in how websites were found or discovered. There weren't any search engines or Internet directories to give Internet users a helping hand in finding information. But as the Internet directory was introduced, a revolution began!

The Evolution of Internet Directories

In the beginning, Internet directories were just simple websites with a few hyperlinks to other mentionable websites- surely nothing like we have today. But as they evolved, Internet users started using web directories as a means of finding answers to problems, and as a source of finding new information.

But Internet directories haven't been the only Internet users could find websites they might have use of. The search engine was created, which crawled all kinds of websites so that Internet users could freely search to their hearts content.

As it would turn out, search engines became more popular than Internet directories in the long term. This is because Internet directories often are edited by humans- meaning not many results can be updated as compared to the search engine method.

But the big selling point of search engines that propelled them to success was their ability to auto-update content .Whereas directories can't automatically index websites in their database for new content, search engines can and do. This makes them more usable as a result, so Internet users choose search engines over directories the majority of the time.

How Internet Directories Are Used Today

Today, Internet directories aren't used as much as search engines. That is not to say, however, that they are not useful. Internet directories are great places for people with common interests to find multiple sources of websites with the same common category- something that is possible with search engines, but on a lesser scale.

But for webmasters, directories still play a very large role in the Internet's composition. Having many links to a certain website can help increase the ranking for the website in search engine results. This, in turn, allows webmasters to obtain more visitors and potentially make more profit as a result.

The Future of Internet Directories

Thankfully, the web directory isn't going anywhere anytime soon. They still play a large role in the Internet, which can be seen by their price tags. Some web directories demand webmasters pay vast sums of money in order to get a submission- sometimes over hundreds of dollars!

In the future it is likely that Internet directories will stay- after all, they have a large history with the very creation of the Internet! With their weight provided in search engine rankings, it could be decades before even the thought of switching to a better form of indexing occurs!
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