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Super Internet Marketing Tools To Get The Word Out On You

Apr 3, 2008
In this age of a highly crowded Internet and a widening Internet audience, the word on the digital street is to market everything well. You can see this most clearly in popular websites: evidenced in pop-up or pop-under windows that advertise different programs, links leading to websites that advertise different products and services and often annoying, gigantic banners and buttons that will lead you to different companies that want to make their names known online. These are only a few marketing tools in action, but thanks to the paradigm of Web 2.0, you have even more powerful tools that you can use.

Web 2.0 says that everyone who has an Internet connection and a terminal can participate in the World Wide Web - and participation is now more interactive, with people networking online through various means in order to build whole networks of people that can communicate at extremely fast speeds. This bodes well for advertising: once positive news gets through the Internet grapevine, it will take only seconds for the news to reach thousands, perhaps even millions of people, generating viral marketing that can spell the rise of a unknown product, service, company, or website. This also can spell the death of a product, service, company, or website, if the news is negative, and if it travels fast enough.

There are many different kinds of networking tools that you can use in order to market your website, product, service, or company online. Take a look at this list and pick out the marketing techniques that you would like to use to become a familiar and welcome face on the digital street. Remember to use the Internet prudently and to respect people online, and study your market thoroughly.


Forums are a great place to meet people: you can post in forums and get replies and responses to your post easily. You can also attach a link to your forum post signature in order for people to visit your website and therefore learn more about your products and services. A forum can be a powerful marketing tool, so you may also want to have a forum on your website for interested members of your market to interact with one another.

When choosing which forum to post in, be sure that you are targeting the right market, and that you are posting in the proper threads. Moreover, be respectful: start off by helping people solve problems, and then you can move on to marketing your products and services. Remember, people need to know that you care before they care about what you know.

Mailing List

A mailing list is an umbrella email for you to be able to reach out to as many people as possible. Set up a mailing list for your website, where you can offer useful things, such as a newsletter or free downloads for your members.

Networking Sites

MySpace and Facebook are superb networking sites. Here, you can set up a profile page, where you can advertise your products and services. You can then invite friends to be a part of your network. This can be a great and fast way to reach out to your potential audience, especially since many networking sites are already millions of members strong.


Utilize a blog to make yourself known out in the world and post useful things that are engaging and that will keep readers, visitors, and prospective customers coming in droves.

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