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Making Money Online And Autoresponders: The Connection

Apr 3, 2008
Many experienced online entrepreneurs consider using autoresponders to help with their online marketing efforts. Whether you are selling a product, a service or just want to keep in touch with your customers and potential customers, an autoresponder can take a lot of the manual labor out of the process and help you get more sales.

Many people who work regularly at money making online are either using these now or will begin using it once they get really serious about their marketing efforts.

What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder responds to those who you include automatically based on a schedule. It allows you to set up messages that go out to your audience on certain dates and times and can be a very easy and automated process. Ease of management makes it a great way to keep in touch with your clients in an automated and organized way.

There are many services such as GetResponse who can help you manage this. Here are some examples of how this can benefit you.

1.Someone visits your website. They like what they see but are not quite prepared to buy. Before they leave, they sign up for your newsletter or for a freebie of some sort that you offer.

2.Or, someone does buy but you capture their e-mail address with the hopes of repeat business in the future.

3.Your autoresponder software has a series of e-mails that you supply it with that will go out to each address in it at intervals you set. Some programs are very advanced, which can benefit both with a new client as well as a repeat customer.

4.Your visitors or prospects are given a series of opportunities to learn more about your product or service and you increase the chance of a purchase and of repeat business.

What exactly does the autoresponder accomplish?

The series of e-mails that go out to your prospective customers and customers can do many things including:

*Giving someone more information to help them make a buying decision. You can offer objection overcoming answers over a period of time.

*Getting repeat business from customers who buy something once. For example, if it's a bottle of thirty one-a-day vitamins, your autoresponder could be set up to go out 20 days after the client has received their shipment to allow them to refill before they run out

*Telling existing customers about new and upcoming products or services and keeping in touch with them to increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Autoresponder Tips

Here are some tips to help you write really effective e-mail series.

1.Tell the person how you got their e-mail address. You might want to mention they recently signed up for your newsletter, etc.

2.Write in a conversational and friendly tone.

3.Tell the reader something to benefit them. If you're talking about a product, why does it benefit them? Illustrate reasons to buy your product.

4.Tell the reader you may be in touch again soon about something else. You might consider mentioning next week's subject if you're doing an autoresponder series.

5.End your e-mail with a call to action to get the reader to visit your website. It might be a product link or a buy now link or even just a link to your website

6.Give them the option to opt out if they want to. You never want to appear to be spam.

How do you manage autoresponses? There are many programs out there that can help you manage this process including: GetResponse, Aweber, MailLoop and AutorResponse Plus. Some of these programs even offer very helpful statistics on click through rates and opt-ins as well as opt-outs and other information to help you manage your business and your customer relationships better.
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