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Why Is Affiliate Marketing Cost Effective?

Apr 3, 2008
No one who has been online for even a short period of time can say that they have not heard of affiliate marketing. It is a form of marketing as common as banner exchanges. The concept of these programs is simple, a member joins. He is assigned a link that carries his affiliate ID in it. He then, adds the link to his existing site or promotes it separately.

He is rewarded for each sale he makes by receiving commissions. These commissions can be a one time event or residual. It sounds pretty simple, but it is not.

Affiliate marketing has it positive and negative points and can be a drain if the affiliate is not armed with up to date information and how to's to be successful. Regardless, this is considered by most to be one of the best ways to make money online.

Here's why:

Low Cost - The idea of starting a home business has been one of the American Dreams. But the cost of starting one has prevented many from doing so. Becoming an online affiliate for a well established company is free in most cases.

Inventory Management - Another of the biggest reasons people do not get into a home business is the fact that some types of businesses require the owner to have inventory. Being an online affiliate means thatthe parent company keeps all inventory.

Unlimited Income - Unlike your day job which requires you to work 40 or more hours a week, affiliate marketers can earn nearly limitless income by sending traffic to their site. They do this in a number of marketing methods such as legal optin e-mailing, traffic exchanges etc. and do it in a way that takes only a ew hours a day/week.

A Global Market - The potential for your affiliate business can be as unlimited as your potential income by choosing a niche to market in and gearing your advertising to reach out globally. This would take some careful planning and preparation.

Low Risk - This is probably the biggest reason that affiliate marketing is such a hot way to make money online, there is little monetary risk for the affiliate involved. It is great for those who have a limited budget with which to use for advertising. There are no hosting costs, in most cases, and no domain registration fees.

No Closing - Like the Internet itself, your affiliate website does not close. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your earnings can keep growing based on the quality of the traffic you send to it.

But all of this can go to waste without the right niche product and a number of other very important tools which are needed to get off to a great start. Among these are a well thought out and SEO friendly site.
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