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Top 5 Tools To Start Your Internet Business Without Any Stress

Apr 3, 2008
If you are planning on starting your very own online product selling business and then adding your product to sell via affiliate network, you must have knowledge of the different tools and software needed in order to ensure success. These tools will help you manage your day-to-day business activities and also provide you with convenient ways to do so. Although these tools might seem unnecessary, you will be surprised at the number of businesses who have invested in these tools and achieved success. If you are committed to achieving your business goals, these tools and software can be relied on to help you.

Without these tools, you might find yourself burdened with business problems that can be overwhelming. Tracking your products - their sales, affiliate sales, dealing with all the refunds and even worse chargebacks, for example, may sound easy but if you have hundreds to monitor, the task can be challenging. Aside from this, you will certainly feel helpless if you fail to monitor payments which go to different merchant accounts, refunds, orders and your affiliate's performance. On top of these, you will have to make sure that your products are protected from possible fraud - illegal orders or even illegal downloads (this part is essential especially when you sell downloadable products). Now that the importance of these tools has been established, here are some of the most important tools and software that you must have in place to successfully run your online business.

* Shopping Carts - you will need to install software that will allow your buyers to select several items and pay them at once. Commonly referred to as shopping carts, these tools will provide your customers with shopping convenience.

* Pay Now Buttons - you must have payment buttons on your sales page so that your customers can easily make purchases. For more convenience, make sure you offer different payment methods.

* Product Management Software - managing your products availability, prices and stock can be easier with software that will help you keep track of all your items in one glance. Some software comes equipped with auto-price changer as well as a "hiding" feature that will not allow your customer to see the product if it is not in stock.

* Download Protection Software - you will require a way to secure your download pages so that your products and services are protected. This security software will basically prevent unauthorized access via encryption. This way all unauthorized visitors won't be able to share your intellectual properly without buying.

* Affiliate Tracking System - in order to manage all areas of your affiliate program, you will need a sophisticated tracking system that reports real time data and statistics. You need to be able to view all your affiliates performance - how good certain affiliates promote and sell your product. You also need to have a full control of your affiliates - ban all unwanted affiliates (who e.g. spam) or approve them manually. It would be more convenient for you this way since you will be able to see the performance of your business in its entirety just by viewing updated reports.

Although these tools and software are considered to be essential, many businesses find the idea of installing them quite daunting. In addition to making sure that each of the tools and software are compatible with each other, you will have to understand the technical aspect of each in order to address potential technical problems. The biggest problem here is that even if you manage to install and set up all this software properly, you wouldn't be able to 'join' them together to get the 'overall' view of your product sales at the right place, moreover, you wouldn't be able to manage everything effectively. With all these considerations, you might be thinking twice about putting up your own affiliate network business.

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