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2 Critical Components Any Isagenix Rep Must Have to Survive in This Business

Apr 3, 2008
Do you have a strong work ethic??

Why are some leaders at the top in Isagenix just flapping around, struggling with putting 1 or 2 reps a week?

In order to achieve your goals, it's going to take a lot of work and due diligence on your part so ask yourself this simple question. Do you work as hard as a mule?

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There are many pieces to the puzzle that must come together successful to build a huge business. And obviously, one of the most important pieces is that you must work to achieve your aspirations, NOT wait. If success was so easy we'd all be driving our favorite Sportscar and living our lives on the throne.

Let's take a moment to think about some of the greatest businessman of our time.

John Chambers

Bill Gates

Oprah Winfrey

Donald Trump

Now of course this list could go on and on but what do these leaders have in common? They've all WORKED their tails off to obtain the desires they accomplished. They have something driving them and of course putting long days and hours is a daily routine. They just don't stop .

Another piece of the puzzle that absolutely mandatory is that they all have a "WHY".

They all have something that motivates them through the ups and the downs. Oh, and it can't have anything to do with making money.

So what keeps YOU going? Is it your children and providing them with a better future? Is it because you want to retire without thinking about your budget?

Are you passionate about your products and services? Regardless of what that reason is, you MUST have a big reason 'WHY'. We all have good days and bad but is your 'why' big enough to give the strength and courage to pull yourself through those rough days?

Ultimately, their success is made from 2 critical components:

1. They're persistent and don't give up. There isn't anything that can stop then. It doesn't matter what it is, be it financial losses, personal life, it makes no difference really. They continue to look at their target bouncing back up like a yo yo. So ask yourself... Are you persistent? Do you give up easily when there's an obstacle in the way?

2. They all understand the relevance of helping other. They completely understand "The Law of Success." This is simple but is commonly misused. The more they give back the more they receive. We've all heard of this one but we need ot truly understand this concept. It's pretty crazy how it really works, but it is the absolute truth. They all know that their success boils down to "How many other lives have they changed?" Are you have a positive impact on others? Do you reach and go out of your way to assist others in their dreams?

Now don't confuse help with convincing. That's the different between marketing and selling. What do people say to you when you help them? "Thank you." Now what do you say when you make a sale? YOU say thank you. Learn to market, not sell.

Now here's how you begin the process of marketing.

1. You want find people who Already have a need want or desire for what you have. (Hint: find people who are interested in your product first!)

2. Qualify each person you talk to see if they're your right prospect. Then follow up with an interest question that either promises them something unbelievable (yet possible), or scare them to death and promise to fix it

3. Go through the process of getting them to a presentation and make them commit to going and getting back with you.

4. Present the information and have these steps; Intro, offer, value, benefit, close.

5. Help the prospect get what they Already wanted. You need to know the only 2 reasons why people don't buy and help them overcome them. Very important!

Growing a business depends on your ACTIONS, not what you're thinking about the action.

We both heard others plan on helping others the following week, month, even 6 months. We both know there are people who truly need to have your products and services so are YOU going to reach out and help them find what you already have?

It's your JOB to find them (or your could have them find YOU, which will be addressed in a separate article) and provide them with what they want.

Here is a small "to-do list." Though they are pretty simple, it's absolutely crucial to your success in ANYthing that is worth achieving.

1. Create your reason "why." What really drives you to take action? What motivates you to keep going and never give up?

2. You need to ask yourself, "How many people am I going to help?" today, this week, this month but let's take baby steps. Be realistic and it has to be something you know without doubt that you're completely capable of doing. It's better to start off extremely small then something ridiculous. Just know that the important thing is to start today. Not tomorrow or next week. I'm sure we can think of excuses all day about why we can't or won't do something.

If your "why" is strong enough, everything else will fall in place. Just get it done, no excuses, make it happen. Go out there and positively influence the lives of those around you.

Remember, goals and targets are great, but actions are a MUST to obtain success.
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Tony Hua is a Guaranteed Business Growth Specialist dedicated to help other struggling entrepreneurs to explode their businesses. To learn more about growing your business, visit his website by clicking on Isagenix or call him directly at (407) 574-3303 for a free business consultation.
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