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Relocating For Your First Step Onto The Career Ladder

Apr 3, 2008
The first time I had moved to Sudbury was when I had found my first job, exactly 9 months after I had graduated. Looking for jobs in my local area proved to be very difficult as I was soon finding that much of my finances were trickling away fast. I knew that after graduating, I would be facing the rat race, but to what extent I did not know until the summer had ended and the novelty of obtaining a degree had worn off.

I stumbled across some Sudbury jobs that were exactly what I was looking for, had it not been for the fact that I was based in Essex. It looked to me that I either relocate or go back to square one of being unemployed and miserable. This was a decision I could not make overnight and I had spend a good week to think about what I wanted to do before I made my final decision.

All of the above may sound familiar to some graduates. This is indeed a stressful situation, as you feel torn between trying to get your foot on that coveted career ladder and giving up all that you know in your existing location. For many this is a daunting task as this is the big step into the adult world - this was certainly the case when I found the Sudbury jobs recruitment agency.

I decided to spend a bit of time researching the Sudbury area, to get an idea of what it would be like to live there. Even though it was never my intention to look for Sudbury jobs in the first place, it became a priority in my life. The job was a position of an executive assistant, a role I could not find in Essex not even with a recruitment agency. The problem was not that there were no roles like this around, it was bad timing.

I decided to try to give commuting a go, but found that I was travelling for nearly two hours each way. This would cut out four hours of my day, which I knew would leave me feeling exhausted and tired. So then, I booked a room for a week and spent my time in Sudbury. Finding that the area itself was very nice, with friendly locals and interesting market stalls in the main town centre. The local bars seemed trendy and entertaining, not to mention the houses looked cosy.

It became very clear to me that there were more Sudbury jobs than there were Essex jobs, and made up my mind to move to this area. This was going to be a big gamble, but I had to do what I had to do and reach for my target career.

Some graduates may find that facing tough decisions like these will be stressful and uncomfortable. These things need to be considered for a good length of time before making the final decision. It helped me to weigh out my options first, such as, whether I would gain a chance like this again against the chances of getting a job near to where I was living. I had also given myself the opportunity to explore other avenues and then finally deciding to move out of town.

One thing to remember is that you must establish your options. I was never against moving away, but I knew this was an opportunity for me to start up a new life and begin my journey into the new career path. As I had easy transport access, I knew that it would not be a problem to visit my friends and family. This is something to consider when choosing to move away, as you will find that it takes time to adjust and settle in.

Since moving I have been promoted twice and have made many new friends. I am in close contact with all my friends and family and have never regretted my decision. I soon felt liberated and in control finally, which was a change from being a miserable unemployed graduate.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on Sudbury jobs having chosen to move there for her chosen career path.
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