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Advice On UK Loss Assessors

Apr 3, 2008
When you've suffered a loss to your insured property, a loss assessor may be your best friend. You, the claimant, hire these people to come into your damaged business or home to fight on your side: to assess the damage that has been done, to document everything, to help coordinate with contractors who come in to fix your property, to ensure you get all that you are entitled to from the insurers, and finally to make certain that your property is taken care of as quickly as is feasible.

A UK loss assessor who is working with homes is quite different from one who works with commercial property. The former look at your home, assess damage, and help you liaise with your insurers, expediting paperwork where needed and guiding you through the process. They are there specifically to ensure you get everything you're entitled to as quickly as possible and with as few headaches as possible for you.

A loss assessor who works with businesses is more likely to spend more time with the insurers than with the business owner. He works to assess all damage to everything, typically not a difficult job as most businesses have everything under inventory. He then helps ensure the appropriate temporary repairs are made so you can resume your business, and then works with you and the insurers to get your permanent repairs made as quickly and as feasible while you run a business.

As you can see, in both commercial and private situations a good loss assessor can save you time and ensure that you get everything you are entitled to. Usually, the increase in settlement you get from the insurer as well as the expedited reopening of your business is more than offset the cost of a loan assessor.

Typical UK Loss Assessor Assistance

A loss assessor's advice is invaluable. Before your business is damaged, most will tell you the following :

* Review your policy regularly to ensure that you are fully covered for all potential problems
* Have photographs of all your most critical equipment and buildings to document current condition, and update them regularly.

Once a loss has been incurred, they will do the following for you :

* Written report documenting all the damage to your property, including personal property. This includes things you may not consider, such as damage to your grounds.
* Expediting correspondence and forms that you need to get to your insurer.
* Meet the insurers and negotiate on your behalf.
* Keep you updated about your claim progress.
* Meet with contractors to get quotes for you, and keep them honest.
* Weed out scammers and contractors who are unlikely to do satisfactory work.
* Ensure your insurance settlement is as generous as possible.

As you can see, they can not only get your business up and running 'faster' after a 'disaster', they can also ensure you obtain the fullest possible level of cover for your loss.
A good loss assessor is always worth far more than he charges. Instead of losing profits and sometimes customers through an over-long period before reopening and instead of letting the insurance company tell you what they're going to settle for, your loss assessor can minimize your down time and maximize your payment.
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Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For Insurance Claim Services and Loss Assessor Consultants, he recommends Morgan Clark.
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