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Celebrate the Anniversary of Your Company

Apr 3, 2008
There are many special activities which can be carried out to celebrate the anniversary of a company. Below is a short list of some possibilities.


l. Use the fact of your anniversary incidentally but continuously in your advertising. Don't let the public forget. For example, all advertising might carry a head in bold type reading something like: "CELEBRATING OUR TH YEAR," and/or a smaller head (or subhead) reading " (number) Years in (name of city or state) ."

Comment: This is basic, of course. The regular advertising budget can encompass such small features when they are incorporated into the regular advertising. Be sure, however, that advertising over and above normal gets an over and above normal appropriation

2. Do "the story of (company name) " in a series of
small institutional-type advertisements with brief copy. Consider the "Did you know that ?" type of presentation, incorporating a brief bit of organization history.

Comment: We suggest that you run one per week in all local papers. Three columns by six or seven inches is an attractive size. The space should carry the anniversary emblem and use large, readable type for the scanty sentence or two of copy. Produce enough copy for three months. If you like the results, repeat the same sequence four times in the Anniversary Year.

Anniversary Book

1. Produce a high-quality commemorative anniversary book. By the term "anniversary book" we do not mean a company history, although the two titles are often used interchangeably. Naturally, there may be some company history in an anniversary book but our usage here means a yearbook, a memorial book, a souvenir book.

Comment: What is this book for? In other words, what do you want it to accomplish? You must decide early whether you want a memorial or a selling tool. The book can be both, but it can't be both well, and, since your decision will affect both cost and distribution, it should be as clear-cut as you can make it. Define what you want your anniversary book to do. Put it in writing.

Here's a sample of how: "Within the framework of accepted anniversary objectives, our anniversary book will be contrived as a public relations and employee relations vehicle designed to inform, to persuade, to entertain, to influence, and to build internal and external good will."

b. Who is the book for? Or: what audience are you aiming at? The answer will be intertwined with (a) above and will also involve content and distribution.

Art Exhibit

1. Borrow an art exhibit from the nearest gallery or institute (or rent one from a major gallery) and arrange a well- publicized showing.

2. Throw open space in the company's hall(s), corridor(s), building(s), for an exhibition of paintings (or photography, or ceramics, or woodworking, or jewelry making, or whatever) by local (city, county, state) artists.

3. Sponsor an exhibit incorporating either of both of the above at a centrally located (and/or properly equipped) hall or showroom.

Comment: The costs for a high-caliber showing of quality paintings, in which the exhibitor chooses his preference in sufficient quantity to fill a large-sized exhibit hall, can run anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 or more in monthly rental, with catalog costs extra. The latter is an item difficult to estimate: How many? How big? How slick? These are questions you must decide.

These are just some of the events and activities you can plan for your company's celebrations.
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