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SEO vs SEM The Differences You Need To Know

Apr 4, 2008
There are a lot of people who cannot state the difference between SEO and SEM, and definitely, it is more than just what the acronyms stand for. SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the organic techniques of including your website in search engines.
You may have set aside a small budget for your SEO campaign, but it is not going to be more than or even equal to what you will spend with SEM, or search engine marketing.

Why There Are Individuals Who Are Apprehensive with SEO

There are a number of people who feel more comfortable with PPC than SEO. This is because they can easily obtain the results that they wanted. First of all, the visitors are always targeted, which means these are only individuals who would like to purchase the product or avail of the service. Hence, there is a huge sales conversion rate for your business. This is especially important for you as you will have to pay for every click that a visitor does on your ads.

That is why when you introduce another form of marketing technique such as SEO, business website owners will often feel apprehensive. They need to make sure that they can protect their bread and butter.
However, you can also never deny the benefits that you can get from SEO. What is just important is you can work on companies and specialists that will be honest and straightforward with you. What's more, you will still be able to milk some money with different SEO services.

What You Can Gain from SEO

It is always a problem for online ad agencies. You see, you will always be in question whether it is really possible for you to generate the same kind of profit that you will be enjoying with SEM when you know that you will be spending a lot of time and effort with it? Truth to tell, it becomes a lot easier for a business owner to create a few lines of description for their ad campaigns, incorporating the use of keywords and graphics to attract the attention of their targeted customers.

However, there can also be a disadvantage of using SEM more in your business website. For example, there is still a huge portion of Internet users that are still after organic listings even if they can already obviously see the ads in their screen. There are also times when text ads are not targeted properly. This means that there will be a lot of clicks that are not income generating, but will increase the revenue of your SEM agency, such as search engines.

Perhaps another excellent strategy to generate the kind of revenue from SEO is to create multiple webpages for your products and services. For example, if you have around 4 to 5 product lines, you may want to create individual pages for them. This is to give you enough time and effort to generate the much-needed sales revenues and leads for your business. The trend nowadays is to compile all pages in one website, which actually puts a lot of pressure both to the owner of the site and the SEO company. The problem with this is when Google changes the algorithm, because you only focused on one site, you will likely experience a loss in all your pages and traffic.

How to Go about Monetizing on the Website

Your website should not end up like a dummy. Hence, you have to do the following ways on how you will be able to boost your revenue or even cut down on your costs. Here are some of them:

1. Look for partners who will be willing to cooperate with you. If one of your greatest worries why you may not pursue with SEO is because you do not have that much budget to cover the costs that you may incur during the times when you are not earning much. The best way that you may get away with this is to look for a partner. He or she can be your friend or family member. Both of you may share on the costs or allow him or her to shoulder it for you in the meantime, provided that revenues too shall be divided depending on the contribution of each partner.

2. Encourage advertisers to buy space on your website. All it takes is to create a feasible marketing study for your business website: how many visitors you can expect in a month and the possible revenues that you can earn every day. Then, you can encourage advertisers who may be selling related products or services to buy space from your website. You can make use of the fees that you charge to sustain you in days when you have to focus more on SEO processes than in generating revenues.
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