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Avoiding Loneliness While Working At Home

Apr 4, 2008
The ability to work from home - whether it's a home based job or business - is the chance of a lifetime. No more childcare expenses, no more office politics, no more commute, no need for the latest wardrobe fashions.

Instead it's a time to take control of your life, learn some new skills, and gain important experience about following deadlines and pleasing customers. You become your own boss and are also responsible for following your clients' orders. You no longer need to worry that someone else will take credit for your hard work or new idea.

While many people thoroughly enjoy the freedom of working from home, a common complaint of home based business owners is that feeling of loneliness or disconnect from the outside world. Along with no more office politics, you also do not have the early-morning office banter over coffee. No more chatter about the score of last night's game or the latest twist on some television series.

Networking is a key component to defeat this lonely feeling, no matter what type of work you do. Not only will networking get you talking to other people, it may also earn you some new clients!

Home based business owners have the opportunity to network through local chambers of commerce. Once you become a member of your local chamber, you have the opportunity to promote your business through chamber events. These events may be networking dinners with other members or community-sponsored events during which you can tell local residents about your business.

If you work at home doing online work, you can also join your local chamber of commerce if you want to expand your market locally. There is no requirement that members must have a brick and mortar business to join.

Social networking online is also another fun way to make friends and network with other people. Such sites as Twitter, Stumble Upon, Facebook, and My Space allow you to make a profile, follow other people, and leave comments. This is quite a bit different from physically talking to people but nevertheless, contacts are made.

Having a flexible schedule also allows the home based business owner the chance to join school or church committees, some of which might meet during the day. Getting out of the house and exchanging ideas with other adults is invigorating. Even just taking your children to the playground and talking with other parents can help you feel connected to the community.

As with anything else, forming new friendships and interacting with other people takes work. A bit of restraint is also necessary, especially with the social networking sites online. Many home based business owners have voiced complaints that they spent so much time chatting online that no work was accomplished! Networking is good but not if the quality of your work suffers.

As you decide what kind of work at home job or business to pursue, think of some ways you can combat loneliness. Finding your balance between work and social activities is important for your own health and the success of your work at home venture.
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