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What About Those Big Headlines With Big Claims?

Aug 17, 2007
We've all seen the big headlines with huge claims of making thousands of dollars a day from well known and no so well known marketers. Some of these claim $30,000 in 3 months, or $1000 dollars a day, or some other big number. What if I told you that there was actually some truth behind these claims? What if I told you that there were actually people out there who were making this kind of money? Would you believe me? Well for many of these headlines, they hold a lot of truth.

There really are people out there that are making $1000's each and every day, but those headlines are leaving a lot out. Those headlines don't tell you that it takes hard work and time to make that much money. When we buy into those headlines, we automatically think we'll instantly be making that kind of money, but that's simply not true.

There's no such thing as instant success, or instantly making $1000's each day. It all starts with doing the little things. You have to start somewhere and starting with the little things that lead up to making big money is where you should focus if you're not making any money online.

For instance, I have a small site that focuses on teaching other people to build their own email list in any niche that they are in. This site consists of a landing page to collect email addresses, a package of products that teach about building an email list, and a few pages with articles I've written about building an email list.

First I had to build the site, find products related to the site to sell as a package, loaded my autoresponder with pre-written content about list building and also some promotional emails about products related to list building that I was an affiliate for, and write articles to add content to the site. These were all little things, but they got me setup.

Next I had to write a few articles to submit to the article directories, created ads to advertise in ezines related to list building, placed classified ads, and a few other things to get traffic coming to my site. Again, all of these were little things, but I had to do it to get people coming to my site.

Once the traffic started coming in, I was getting subscribers that would read my emails, and money started trickling in from the offers I was promoting within the content I had loaded to my autoresponder via my affiliate links. Then the package of products I had put together that all focused on list building started getting orders. Visitors were also visiting the pages I had added to my site with content about list building started getting visitors, and since I had put Google Adsense ads on those page, I was getting a little money from the site that way too.

The first month the site was up, I made a little over $300. Not much for a month, but it was $300 dollars more than I had, and it all come from doing little things. A few months later I was making over $1000 a month from the site, and I now make that and sometimes more from that site.

Another example of a site that I have is an article directory site in the Internet marketing niche. People can submit their articles related to Internet marketing here at no charge. I have placed Google Adsense ads on this site, and a newsletter related to Internet marketing where I promote products related to Internet marketing. It didn't take me long at all to set the site up. I used a script I found online, and had it set up in a day.

Once the site was setup, I wrote a few articles on how to get traffic by submitting your articles to article directories, I advertised my site in a few ezines related to Internet marketing, and offered free advertising on the site to a few people who would email their list about my new site. All of these little things got traffic to my site that just took a day to setup, and a few days to get all my promotions in place and I was instantly making money.

The first month I had this site setup, I made just over $130. Now a few months later, people have submitted their articles to the site allowing it to grow and get ranked well in the search engines which provides a wonderful source of traffic, and I make over $3000 a month from this site now, and I hardly have to touch it.

So by doing several little things, with just these two sites, I make over $4000 a month. These are just two sites I have. I have several more of these little sites that make me a little money each, but when you put them all together, I am making $1000's of dollars a day.

So, the next time you see one of those big headlines that make big claims think to yourself what little things you could be doing right then so that you really can be making $1000's of dollars each day!
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