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In-House SEO: Is It A Good Choice

Apr 4, 2008
Even the smartest or the most proficient businessman cannot be an expert in everything. He may be good in one or two business functions, but for all others, he may require the specialization of somebody else. It's the same thing if you're talking about getting your website optimized.

You can perhaps only count with your fingers those business owners who are also knowledgeable about search engine optimization and their technical roles in the business. After all, what they're really concerned about is how the strategy may be able to help out in increasing their revenues. And because they don't have the knowledge or even the skill, the next best option is to have the job outsourced. Let somebody else who is not connected with the company to do the job for them.

However, we are not talking about simple individuals. They are considered to be the best in the industry. After all, hiring them means that they are making a long-term investment in the company. Moreover, getting one that qualifies only means that they are making good decisions for their company.

Getting into the In-house SEO Mode

There are companies that decide to do in-house SEO, and perhaps this is for a very good reason. You see, even if some businessmen are very much aware of the benefits of SEO in relation to ROI for their business, there are still a number of issues that they have to settle. For example, there are times when objectives of the company are not in line with those of the SEO specialists. The former believes that the latter will be able to do wonders for their business website despite the unethical practices that they may want these SEO experts to do. On the other hand, SEO specialists are not too keen on the real goal of the company. They are too focused on the technical side of things that they have gone beyond the very reason why they are optimizing the pages. Adopting an in-house SEO will provide both camps an opportunity to sit down and talk about the best strategies that will absolutely create a win-win situation.

The Role of an In-house SEO Specialist

There is perhaps no need to illustrate again and again the job description of an SEO specialist. Of course, their primary role is to ensure that the website will be ranking beautifully in search engines, using a particular keyword. As a matter of fact, the URL should be seen in the first page of search engines.

But more than that, it's also the job of an SEO expert to act as an intermediary, especially when he/she is placed in an environment that is not SEO-friendly. This means that there are some key people within the organization who cannot see the real benefits of search engine optimization not only to their business website but also to their long-term financial and management goals. For instance, a marketing executive who often ignores SEO will likely concentrate on other modes of advertisement, such as PPC or traditional ones like newspapers, radios, and TVs. Though they are still very effective, they are often costly and have limited reach, compared to when your link is part of the World Wide Web.

Those who are managing the business finances may cut down the budget intended for SEO. As an SEO expert, he/she basically understands that it's not going to be one-time deal. It takes months, some money, and a lot of patience and determination to make things work out. Nevertheless, in the end, everyone shall be greatly rewarded.

In relation to this, managers should be able to pick people who will be brave enough to speak about the importance of SEO and is full of vindication when it comes to the technique's primary role in the organization. They need someone who can be very much dedicated to obtain only the best results.

The Shortage and How to Solve It

There are some companies that feel the need of having SEO as part of their marketing strategy, and yet they are apprehensive on the available talent. Furthermore, as mentioned a while ago, they need someone who can better understand not just the technical aspect of the job but also the real purpose of performing search engine optimization--that is to increase revenues in the business and to act as leverage. Thus, what they see as perfect remedy is to train some of their people the techniques involved in SEO and SEM.

However, this should not be the case. First, you will be spending a lot of your time on money on trainings, and these aren't even a guarantee that you will be getting the right kinds of results from them. If you're looking for real value of your money, you better look outside for people who have the attitude, talent, and sense of professionalism.
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