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Three Things Not To Do When You Start A Home Business

Apr 4, 2008
There are some things you should never do in business if you want to succeed. If you are already a successful business owner you might be well aware of these things but for aspiring home based entrepreneurs than these tips could save you time and money.

The first thing you never want to do is to skimp on advertising and marketing. Without proper advertising your home business will never get noticed. If you don't get noticed how can you expect to make any sales?

Here is an example:

Let's say you have a small home business that publishes how to audio CD's and you just came up with a new product. Your business is new and practically unknown. Although you have a website and a small advertisement in the local newspaper you still aren't making more than a handful of sales.

The reason is because only a small area is going to be aware of your company and your new product. A single local newspaper ad only has so much reach and you have a product that could be sold all over the world. A better form of marketing for you would have been to advertise in several larger newspapers, buy billboard space in a heavily trafficked area, or create a Google adwords and Yahoo search marketing pay per click campaign. Although these strategies might cost a bit more you are able to reach a much larger customer base which means more eyes checking out your product.

The second thing you never want to do is let your guard down with your home business competition. If your business has a competitive market (and most of them do) you want to definitely keep your competition close at all times.

Here is an example:

Let's say you are a member of a health and wellness network marketing company. This is a very competitive industry with thousands of companies and distributors vying for new customers. You always want to be aware of what others are doing to build there businesses. You can learn from other people's failures or successes so use them to find out what you should be doing but more importantly what you shouldn't be doing.

Finally, the third thing you never want to do is jump into a home business without doing thorough research. You want to be sure you know all of the details about the business opportunity you are involved in. You want to know financial details as well as information about your competition. When you take the time to research a specific business you insure success for yourself. You wouldn't want any surprises popping up and you want to be able to set yourself up so that your business operates as smoothly as possible.

In the end, starting a home business isn't an easy thing to do. But if you make an effort to follow the above guidelines on what never to do in you will create a solid base for future success. Be sure not to jump into any business decisions without research and well thought out planning. Care for your business like you would your children. Give it what it needs to grow and you will be pleased with the end result.
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