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Pay Per Click Firm - The Beauty Of Organic!

Apr 4, 2008
What was the last movie that you watched? Do you remember who referred it to you? Did you look up reviews online? Did you ask around for personal reviews?

Understanding organic traffic is based upon the same principal. If done correctly, your leads will be highly targeted and loyal.

Here are the "Top Reasons We Fail At Prospecting For Our Home Based Businesses"

1.)Your "warm market" is actually cold. Stop handing out marketing materials to those who are not interested.

2.)Keep your word. Call when you say your going to call. Get to every meeting early!

3.)Keep a group. Even Jesus had 12 disciples he discussed ideas with and taught new methods to.

4.)Learn the lingo. Understand your prospects needs as an individual, then provide solutions.

5.)Market correctly. Take the time to write articles and make videos for your target audience.

6.) Use article publishers to relay information to your clients. Instead of creating a landing page, snap a Squidoo page in place and email it to your clients.

7.)Understand your skill determines progress. If you didn't close a prospect it's not their fault, it's yours. Before you waste time, practice your lines until they become your own!

8.)Serious success! Keep yourself focused by parting from non producing acts during your work day.

The beauty of organic traffic is that it can be generated for free and with a little hard work and consistency you can establish yourself as a successful well rounded internet marketer. Just like anything else worth attaining, there is a skill which needs to be developed first and the easiest way to go about this is to "Just Do It." You don't need to know all the answers now but you do need to start the never ending journey now and take action as there is no destination. When your green your growing; when your ripe your rotten.

Any successful internet marketer can tell you that understanding your own mind is a huge step in progress.

Your mind can create the most outlandish stories and make you believe they are reality. It is a powerful tool! Feed your mind with positive information and keep influential individuals around you at all times.

Harvard University did a study of influence and the formula stated, "Take the 5 people you spend the most time with and add up their annual incomes then divide that number by 5, that is about what your either making presently or capable of making with that influence around you." This is a powerful formula, one which all successful people must adhere to in order to create wealth. It's a natural law and that law is called, "Law Of Attraction."

Robert Kiyosaki states, "The most valuable piece of real estate in the world is in between your ears." This statement in itself is so powerful.

These tips have aided me in prospecting correctly and I hope they aid you. When you can get past yourself and start to understand it really is all about the highly targeted lead. Your marketing endeavors will become much easier.
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Justin Verrengia is the author of the "How To Create A Successful Campaign From Start To Finish" blog, and articles about personal growth as well as network marketing. To view more great free tips visit his blog at: How To Create A Successful Campaign From Start To Finish
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