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Purchasing Links on High PR Sites

Aug 17, 2007
Some webmasters who own sites with high pagerank (PR) earn a significant amount of money each month selling links to other webmasters who have sites with less or no PR.

You can go to eBay or another auction site to purchase these links usually on a monthly basis. What happens when you purchase the link is that the webmaster will put a link to your site on the high PR site.

Then, since spiders visit high PR sites more often than lower PR sites, when the spiders visit the high PR sites they will find the link to your site. This will count as a backlink to your site and may help in getting your site indexed and attaining a high PR.

While this may sound fine and dandy, there are several issues to consider:

1. The site's index page may have a high PR, but the page your link goes on may have lower PR. So always be sure to check the PR of the actual page your link will appear on. Just install the Google toolbar at http://www.google.com/tools/toolbar/ so you can check the page where your link will appear.

2. You need to find a website that is about the same subject as your website in order for your link to be seen as "relevant." So if your website is about dog training, then you should link it on a website that is about pets at the very least and preferably about dogs; a site about dog training would be ideal. You DON'T want to put your link on a directory page or "link farm."

3. Find out how many links will appear on the same page as yours. When the search engines visit, they split the PR of the page among the links. So if there are a 1,000 links on the page, you can be sure your site will get very little notice. Ideally there should be less than 10 links.

4. Next, make sure you specify the anchor text for your link using your site's keywords. If your site is about dog training manuals, then you will want your link to appear with the keywords "dog training manuals" as the anchor text. Often the webmaster will also allow a short description which you should write with your keywords at the very beginning of the description. Don't ever let the webmaster tell you that you can only list your URL.

5. Also, be sure to check the uptime on the server that hosts the website. If the spiders can't get to the site, they can't get to your link.

6. OK, so now you've paid your money and your link is on a high PR page with only a few other links and it has exactly the right keywords in the anchor text. How do you know it stays there? You can go check out the page every day. You can enter link:www.yourdomainname.com every day. You can also use a free tool like http://tools.seobook.com/general/link-check/, which also gives you additional tools for linking strategies.

Buying links is probably not the easiest and most cost effective way to get backlinks, but if you have more money than time, it's one way to get your website indexed quickly. You should not, however, overlook all of the many ways to obtain high-quality links, such as writing articles for article directories!
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