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How To Start A Vending Business & Find New Locations Along The Way

Apr 4, 2008
First take some basic steps when getting started in the vending business. Here are a few questions and things to consider along the way. Have I visited my local small business center office to ask for information about starting a business in my area? The local business office is great.

Just go to your city hall or your town hall, or like a regional kind of building, and just ask, Do you have a small business center that I can get some information on starting a business in this area? They should have some kind of pamphlets and stuff there to give you to tell you how to do it. The costs are not a lot to start a business. Bookkeeping for your business is pretty straight forward.

A lot of people can do it themselves. Once you get into running a corporation, the way the forms are filled out, the income tax is done, the accounting and stuff, it is going to cost a little bit more money to do like that so think about the small business office, because you can get a lot of information there.

Next you want to take action to find new locations. That is the biggest part of all of this. Once you go out and you start doing all your research and homework and finding out where you're buying machines, registering your business and getting an idea of what you want to sell and stuff.

You want to start implementing a strategy to find new locations to place your vending machines. This can be done by using a few different methods such as cold calling, mail outs, advertising in the telephone directory, making a website etc.

The fastest way to get started is to go out into the community and start taking with companies about your vending services. Part of getting your vending business up and running and one thing that you have to understand is that to a certain degree there is sales involved where you are going to be selling yourself and your vending services.

You are talking to people where you are going to be telling them about your service and telling them what you're doing and what you are up to. That is part of the process, so going out into the community and talking to different business and saying, "Hey, would you like a vending machine?" It is kind of like cold calling, you are going out and talking to people, not everyone really likes to do that. It is not the most comfortable way of doing business, but it works. Think of it this way it's a great way to actually collect information your competition.

You would be surprised at how much information you can get form people. Some companies, will just say, "No, were not interested", or whatever but then if you use a strategy and you go in there and don't go right up to the receptionist, you go to the back door and you see where the men and women are that work there and you say, "Hey, I run a vending business company. Do you guys have vending machines here?" Then you can start a conversation with people.

Sometimes, and I have had this happen quite a few times, they will say, Come in and take a look, I'll show you the machines. Then you go in and you see what kind of machines they have there. That is like great research for you because you see what your competition is using. What kind of machines, their prices, if they are old ratty machines. What if you have a couple of machines that are nicer looking, and say you have good prices, and you provide a better service. You really have to listen to people about what their needs are.

There is a lot that you can do with the cold calling. Go out into the community and start talking with people. You don't have to hammer the stuff out everyday. When you have free time, you go out and you start talking to people. It is a great way t find out what your competition is doing and figure out what exactly people are looking for.
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