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eBay - The Lucrative Way To Make Money Online

Apr 4, 2008
Today it's hard to stay unaware of "fabulous" opportunities to make money on eBay. Looking at well-established online stores and auction websites, it's really difficult to resist the temptation of trying something like that yourself.

Registering on eBay

Well, the greatest benefit of selling at eBay is that it is truly popular. Can you imagine it having as much as 100 million members? In other words, once you list your product at their website, it automatically gets exposure to 100 million potential buyers!

Going further, eBay provides you with an opportunity to sell not only some new items you might be buying from a wholesaler, but also things you no longer need. There are actually many people who may get interested in buying used things or antique pieces you'll offer.

EBay provides you with perfect flexibility in terms of pricing. You can either set a fixed price on your product, or a starting bid price that will be increasing with every further bid. By setting a reserve price you'll make sure that your product won't get sold at a price that is not beneficial to you.

EBay is also very flexible in terms of product range. Here, you are allowed to sell the widest array of goods. Whether you are looking to sell a brand new cell phone obtained from a wholesaler, a used car, or an antique piece of furniture, you are welcome at a single website - eBay. So you can conveniently place all of that stuff at one place rather than roaming around looking for a website that is dealing with each type of products separately.

Make Money on eBay through Drop Shipping

One more advantage offered by eBay and widely used by e-sellers today are drop shipping opportunities. When arranged properly, this kind of business can be very lucrative. How does it work? You decide on a product to sell, find a reputable drop ship supplier (wholesaler), and arrange to work with them. You are listing their products online and are taking orders from customers. Then you will be sending money and orders to the wholesaler who than takes care of the delivery. As a result, your profit is determined by the difference in prices: you are taking money at a retail price, and sending a wholesale price sum.

Drop shipping makes a great choice for people who want to enter an online business but yet are afraid or reluctant to make a large investment into equipment, inventory, and deal with shipping issues.
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