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Should You Give Up on an Online MLM Business?

Apr 4, 2008
Is the Internet truly the breeding ground of scams, hoaxes and million-dollar-promises that deliver zilch? Well, that depends on where you look and what you do with what you see or read. If you're looking for an online MLM business opportunity, for example, one keyword search and you'll find pages upon pages of mixed results, with real opportunities interspersed with links to scams and pyramid schemes. If you don't know how to look and what to look for, you could just let your frustration overcome you and swear off MLM forever.

Which is unfortunate, considering that there are genuine opportunities out there that could have meant a good source of income for you, if only you found them. And that's the trick right there. Without the proper understanding of what a real online MLM business is and what it entails, you might as well be groping your way through a maze blindfolded.

Let's take a look at the reasons why you should not give up on online MLM:

What is online MLM?

Online MLM is essentially a network marketing business, a distribution model where products produced or provided by a parent company are sold directly by members or representatives to consumers via the Internet. Other than direct selling, income may also be derived through sales generated by referrals or downlines.

What an online MLM business is not is a pyramid scheme, where income is derived exclusively from memberships fees of recruited members. If this is the only way you can earn from an MLM business, don't bother. It's illegal and you'll be throwing good money away.

Online MLM is a business.

A common mistake that first-time MLM members make is treating online MLM as a get-rich-quick scheme. Sure, there are people who have had considerable success with multilevel marketing but that didn't happen because of a magic formula, which is probably what you can expect if you're using a scheme promising instant riches.

Online MLM is a real job, regardless of whether you do it part-time or full-time. You do have to work in order to grow your business. It's understandable why many people would fall for invitations to participate in an online MLM business that promises you don't have to do much. However, have you wondered how the money is going to come in without any effort on your part? If there are such promises in the MLM business you're considering, be wary. You could be an unknowing participant in a program that thrives on taking advantage of others.

What to expect from an online MLM business

As a member of an MLM business, consider yourself as an independent salesperson who will receive no salaries. That's right every single cent you earn from this business comes as the result of your hard work and the work of your downlines.

As part of your membership, an initial investment will be required from you. The amounts will vary depending on your parent company and on the type of products involved. You will also have access to training and support, both from the MLM company and your sponsor, if you're a downline. Earnings come in the form of commissions and you will be paid according to the compensation plan of the company.

Now for the tough part all the earnings you can expect from an online MLM business will come as a result of your work in sales. You can increase your earnings by recruiting other members who will work hard to generate earnings of their own earnings from which you will earn a percentage.

As you can see, an online MLM business can be an exciting, very promising venture, provided you have the personality that fits the business. It can also open numerous doors of opportunity for you, allowing you to build contacts, establish strong networks, provide valuable products to your consumers and earn the kind of income that would not be possible with your regular 9-to-5 job.
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