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A Review of BioGenX - Is BioGenX Global A Scam Home Business?

Apr 4, 2008
This review is about BioGenx Global, a home business that claims to have an unbeatable compensation plan and flagship products. Is this really the case? Or is BioGenx just another fly by night home businesses that will take your money and run?

I've reviewed BioGenx Global and have spoken to several other brains in home-businesses about it as well. Imagine enrolling three people at $60 per month and being qualified to make $1140 per month. What we've concluded is that this really is possible with BioGenx's unparalleled compensation plan. They've worked it out so that with the community effort of marketers (no competition), everyone benefits!

The Humanitarian Mission

BioGenx Global is unique in many ways. Their humanitarian focus is number one. Up to 30 percent of profits go to humanitarian missions. Thirty percent is a hefty sum. If a company gives even 1 to 10 percent towards global needs, they consider themselves generous. But BioGenx is committed to making a real difference in the world and put their money where their mouth is. What a wonderful breath of fresh air to find in a company and its founders!

The Founders are Dedicated Folk

Second, BioGenx is founded and run by dedicated Christians. I personally have known of one of the founders for several years and have heard nothing but good about him (long before the company started). These guys are genuinely out there trying to make a company that works for the little guy because they know what it's like to be one and not make any money while the big home business marketers make loads. That's why these guys started the company, to help the little guys and help the world.

BioGenx's Products Are Powerful.

Thirdly, BioGenx has products that are fantastic. The products are tested and proven to be some of the best available. BioGenx will only accept top quality products into their program. BioPlene, one of their homeopathic products has gone thru the rigors of testing and come out shining. It seems to support increases in lean muscle and fat loss. This was proven in clinical trials. BioPlene alone is going to be a hot sought after product!

Driven Not Just by the Compensation Plan

Fourth, the company will not just be driven by their outstanding compensation plan. The products are of such quality that there are millions of people who will be wanting to try them if they hear about them. No joke, especially the ones that give increased energy and fat loss. Also, who wouldn't want an outstanding health enhancing product that was paid for just by referring one other person to the company's tremendous products? That alone is a selling point bar none.

Here's My Truly Honest Opinion

If you're a stay-at-home mom or dad, a single parent, a busy family, or even a hardcore business person, I highly recommend you take a long look at BioGenx Global. It's in the realm of the never-again-to-come-your-way opportunities. I'm not kidding.

One Word Of Warning

If you are getting in early (like in 2008) you're going to have to be patient with the company. Considering all its positives, it's going to be going thru a HUGE growth experience here and it will logistically be very hard to keep up with timely shipping, answering of questions, etc. That's just par for the course if you want to be part of a company that everyone else wants to be part of - NOW!
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