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Writing Articles Are Fun Now

Apr 4, 2008
As an online marketer, I enjoy helping others who also want success online by writing articles about topics that can aid their own marketing efforts. But I had a problem, I was starting to have difficulty coming up with ideas let alone being able to write a whole article.

So, the well had gone dry and I was at odds with myself. As I was laboring with this weight on my shoulder and wondering what possible topic to write about next, I decided to say a prayer. Being a Christian I asked, "What can I do next?" Within moments I had an answer! An idea pops into my head - "Pick up your tape recorder and start talking."

What I'm doing right now is an answer to that prayer. I am using my tape recorder as a way of dictating to myself and then once I've finished, I will replay it and type it out. In fact, I can't think of a better way to do future articles than this method. Besides, once I started talking, article ideas came into my mind. It seems that this way, feeling conversational gives a nicer flow than trying to get my ideas down on a piece of paper.

It's funny, I'm simply talking to you using my tape recorder. You're getting the warts and all. Imagine, talking freely and being able to write an article with little or no effort. Once you are informed and knowledgeable about your target market, this becomes enjoyable. If you need to learn more about your market, reading other articles related to it is one simple method for doing so.

Now, when you are done recording, simply rewind, listen to yourself talking and type it out. The only thing left to do is submit it to your article submission service. If you are reading this (laughing) you now know just how this happened and if you wish, you can do it as well.

Just so you know, I have over 400 words by only talking seven to eight minutes. Most article submission services ask for 300-700 words in your article, just check with them. And to get your word count, multiply one full line by your number of lines.

Editing is something else you may want to do. Once you have it typed, read it to yourself and see if it sounds natural. Go ahead and make some changes if you like something else during your re-read.

That's all you do. I use a small portable tape recorder. It's a cheap model and works fine. I like the smaller recorder so I can move around. I feel more creative when I'm walking and not siting still. That works better for me. Decide what works best you and have fun writing articles.
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