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USA SEO Pros Review - Will they really get you a better ranking?

Apr 4, 2008
You get your home based business started. Your website is up and running. Now how can you get traffic to your site? After all traffic means sales and sales mean profit.

Then you get a phone call from a USA SEO Pro company representative telling you that they have seen your website. They tell you that they can get your website listed by search engines. They will set you up with a lot of key words and your site will begin showing up on all of the major search engines, first and second pages.

This will cost you somewhere between $1600 and $2500 dollars! The only problem is there are no guarantees. You might get good rankings and you might not. It is, to say the least, a gamble.

USA SEO Pros will get some traffic to your website. But the problem is that the traffic is not targeted. You need good quality keywords to drive good targeted traffic to your website. Just setting up keywords for the sake setting up keywords does not work.

You are thinking about spending around $2000 for a one shot deal advertising your website. What if you spent that same $2000 and you learned 8 different ways to advertise that same website and any other website you have in the future. Sounds a little more effective doesn't it?

I tried USA SEO Pros without much success. Then I found the Online Traffic Formula. This has made a big difference with my business.

The proof that it works..You are reading this article! I learned how to do this at Online Traffic Formula. This is just one of the strategies that I now use to send traffic to my websites.
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