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Network Marketing Has A Spiritual Side To It

Apr 5, 2008
If you really think about Network Marketing (I mean true Network Marketing, not like all the hypey types of programs out there), you can't help but notice it's spiritual characteristics. There are many parallels to the Christian Faith in true Network Marketing.

For example:

1. You have to build relationships with the people you are thinking of bringing into your business as well as with your downline if you want long term success in Network Marketing.

Those who just want to bring large amounts of people into their businesses don't really care much about helping others meet their goals, only on making money off of them. If a person senses that you are trustworthy, and that you are interested in helping them achieve their goals, they will stay with you.

2. Network Marketing is all about leveraging your self, your time and your money.

Building a long term income requires that we teach our downline how to be successful so that they are growing and so that your business grows too. Although we cannot 'make' them work, we can certainly inspire them and teach them how to do network marketing. Christianity is all about leveraging our time and resources too.

Jesus, the Master, delegated responsibility to his disciples by teaching them how to go out and reproduce more disciples.

Isn't that what we're doing in Network Marketing too?

Finding some competent workers and teaching them how to bring other workers into their businesses and continuing this process over and over in our businesses. By providing your downline with good training and skills, your work is divided among many and your business grows very quickly.

What we're doing is creating an environment that gives others the opportunity to become teachers also, and as a result, not only is more of our time freed up, but more and more people in our downlines assume more responsibilities.

Teaching your downline means knowing what it is that they need so that you can help them. Are there areas in their businesses where they are having problems? Show them how to succeed in those areas. Jesus does that with his followers. He makes sure that all their spiritual needs are met by teaching them and providing for them, so that they are empowered to live as he wants them to live - in holiness.

That is also the way the church is set up - it is a place where people receive all the training they need to live a holy life, where they know God better, and to for stimulating each other in the faith. are trained in holy living for each area of their lives, to learn about God and

As a good sponsor, we should supply excellent training to help them in all facets of business building. Aside from good training, our downlines need a 'community' where they will receive motivation, inspiration and encouragement in their businesses - a place to be celebrated and recognized for their achievements.

This will not only help them make money, but (you got it!) will also help our business grow. The way they say, "The more I help you succeed, the more I succeed".

3. If deep down, you honestly want to create a stable six figure income, with Network Marketing, then it is essential that you have faith and patience as you travel down this road.

Rejection is one thing that comes with the package and the one thing that many Network Marketers do not know how to handle. As a result, they fail in their home based businesses. They tend to move on to another opportunity or call it quits when they don't get immediate results.

In order to create a prosperous business in Network Marketing, one needs to believe in the process and scatter lots of patience on it as it springs up and grows.

So how does all this relate to Network Marketing having a spiritual component to it?

First, serving others and truly helping them is what the Christian Faith is all about. It's not about taking advantage of others so that I can prosper.

In Network Marketing of course, building an income is what we are working for, however, we should approach it with the right attitude and heart. Servanthood Marketing is what I like to call it.

If making money is the only reason we are in Network Marketing, then that will show in how we bahave and how we come across to our prospects and downlines. People know when we truly want to help them be successful.

Second, even Jesus needed help in spreading the gospel. He teamed up with twelve men and taught them everything they needed to know about effectively 'recruiting' others into becoming followers of Jesus.

Because those twelve men took the message to the world, lived as Jesus taught them and taught others how to follow Jesus too, the gospel has spread like a virus and is known throughout the whole world.

Network Marketing is no different. We do not have to go out and recruit 100 people to grow a large organization. If we wisely sponsor 5 - 10 people and work closely with those, they will eventually 'duplicate' our teachings and our organizations will start to have momentum and growth.

It's all about creating other leaders in our organizations just as Jesus created twelve leaders and those twelve created more leaders.

Third, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you could move mountains" is a principle that Jesus taught and that Napoleon Hill also wrote about. Today, many authors have written books on how important it is to think positively.

It's very unlikely that we will have any success in Network Marketing if we are thinking negatively. Thinking positively will help you achieve great things. Negative thinking will only destroy your vision and keep you in the rut.

I could keep on talking about the ways Network Marketing and the Christian faith parallel each other, but I would have to write a book.

It boils down to this: Network Marketing is a people business, we can't do it alone. Creating relationships that will last for the long haul, conducting our businesses in a way that honors and uplifts others and putting others first is what it's all about. It's about offering the best of ourselves others and developing every area of our lives.

It's impossible to grow a successful Network Marketing business without the proper mindset, self-discipline and training. There are no plateau's either. We are constantly being challenged to higher and higher ground!
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