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The Distribution Of Good Articles Is One Of The Fastest Ways To Build Your List

Apr 5, 2008
Writing articles is one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your list building page. But your articles must be written a certain way, always with list building as the main focal point, always at the forefront of your mind. You may also find that what you initially thought was the most important part of your article, in the end result it is not.

The end of your article must have a strong call to action in the author's resource box. You give them the goods, get them salivating over what you're doing, then leave people hanging. And then if end all doesn't beat all, they can only get more information by joining your list. When I make that statement, I mean that along with list building being the most important activity you need to be focusing on, but the thought of building long term, loyal, trusting relationships with your list needs to be the thought right alongside list building.

The end of your article now has a strong call to action. How were you able to add that strong call to action? By having an extremely, irresistibly, compelling headline for your article. Articles are very similar to a sales page or sales letter that you are able to distribute on a large scale by using resources available online that do nothing but article distribution. Get your articles going folks! There is even a way to write articles that is free and takes the long, toiling process out of trying to come up with your own off the top of your head. I love to write and it could take me an afternoon or longer to complete an article I wrote myself. And this advice especially applies to folks who are new to internet marketing. Concentrate on getting set up; get something, anything live and running on the internet. You can always go back and make changes and improvements later, as you get better and better at what you are doing.

Make it into a pep rally, get people really hopped up and excited! One thing you could do is send an email out to your current or existing list asking people what their questions are. Where are they struggling? What products/services could I offer them that would be useful and productive for them? What are your biggest questions are about whatever topic you may be focused on, and they will tell you.

Write articles on those topics that people have questions about, if your list presents those types of questions to you, then you'll more easily find more people to join your list. Being able to answer people's questions truthfully and with the facts laid out in plain English is a great way to begin building relationships with your list. People's questions will also target the audience that is signing up for your bonus offer, free ezine, newsletter, etc.

Focus on making these concepts work for you and your business will begin a steady roll that is only going to get faster and faster and build up more and more momentum.

The main concept is to get your articles distributed to article directories that are related your topic. There are more than 900 directories and of course some are better than others, so check them out especially these top directories: GoArticles, Isnare, Ezine Articles, and Article Dashboard, to name just a few, but there are tons more out there. You are looking for directories with an Alexa ranking of 100,000 or less. This will let you know that the site gets some traffic. You are completely wasting your time by submitting a billion articles to a directory with no traffic, and I'm sure that is obvious to most of you. . .

One of the very most powerful ways to get traffic is putting your writing skills to use and cranking out some articles, then submit them to your list building page. What would your current list like to know more about? Use their answers to help you compile your articles and base them around that, which gives you lots of writing ideas and content as well. Make your headline great! Get that strong call to action in place, and commence driving people to your list building page, and CRACK! Now you have another source of traffic for your list building page. Hmmmm. . .Imagine that. . .
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