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Employee Background Checks Are Important

Apr 5, 2008
When an employer hires an employee, he is investing time and money in the employee. In return, the employee helps to build a reputation for the organization. Keeping in mind all these factors, the organization has to ensure that the right candidate is appointed for the job.

There are numerous employees who do not always provide accurate or true information when applying for a job. This can also be read as hiring the wrong person for the job. An employee background check is helpful in ensuring that the potential employee has provided true information and right for the job.

A job applicant can provide false information on his/her resume in many ways. An employee background will help to verify the information provided in the resume as accurate or false. Apart form this, the employee background check will help you find out if the candidate was convicted of a crime, served time in jail and also checks to see whether the social security number provided is true.

There are times when the background check delves into the driving records and credit history of the candidate. Some employees may object to this scrutiny of their personal records and this is considered a legitimate complaint. However, if the application is for a job at a bank, then the employer is justified in his action of scrutiny of credit records.

This is because as a potential employee in the financial sector, the employer must know the credibility of finances before allowing the candidate to manage other peoples' money. In a similar fashion, an applicant for the post of a driver will have the employer checking his driving records to ensure that he is a safe driver.

Employee background checks are now common practice. Nevertheless, the employer must inform the applicant that an employee background check will be conducted. If you look at the same legally, the employer must provide a separate form in the job application wherein the applicant will be told about the check and authorizes the employer to conduct it.

It's important never to lie on your employment application form because not only will you get into legal disputes you can end up getting into more trouble than you can imagine.

In some cases if you have a criminal history depending on the type of crime committed you can always explain yourself to your potential employer and if they understand your past might not haunt you at all. Remember be honest and upfront.

The employee background check also looks into the personal and business references provided by the applicant. The personal references generally provide the employer with the positive aspects of the applicant. The business reference will provide you with the true picture of the applicant, including his capabilities as a team player, ethics, salaries, promotions and all other work related details.

The world is now witness to an increase of criminal activity and other white-collar crimes. That is why it becomes so very important for the employer to conduct employee background checks.
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