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How You Can Convince The Top Internet Marketers To Joint Venture With You!

Apr 5, 2008
There are many ways that would help you succeed establish your business in the virtual world. One of the most promising ways to do so is through JVs or joint ventures. When you join hands with a business partner you double your strengths and half your expenses. Utilizing joint ventures may provide to your business the edge. It is a win-win situation!The key point here is to attract the top level affiliates to join hands with you in selling your product.

How Do You Find What You Are Looking For On The Internet?

Try using these two excellent sites to help you - http://www.copernic.com and http://www.alexa.com. The copernic is a search engine that can search on about ten search engines at once which makes it an invaluable tool for you. Use it to search other websites that use similar keywords, key phrases as you do.

With alexa.com you would learn about the ranking of any particular site. This would tell how much traffic they get and therefore how valuable these could be for you. Now let us say you identified a few super affiliates which you would think would be the best for your product. How do you get them join you? They are already making enough money - so what is there in it for them?

1. High commission - the best way to show they are valuable is by offering them a high commission, higher than you offer your regular affiliates. Say, if you normally offer 20-30%, indicate that you are willing to pay them double in they partner with you. What you get here, besides selling your product at an amazing pace, is a deluge of opt-in emails through your partner. This in itself could be priceless as it gives you a directly established customer base.

2. Offer your product for free - establish a bond of good will by offering them to use your product for free. Very often such a gesture would entice the super affiliate to check out what you have and then, if you have a great quality product he might choose to be with you because he would feel your product added value to his customers.

3. Offer your product on trial basis to their list of customers - this is taking the special offer one step further. By offering your product on trial basis you make the affiliate look good for making the special deal available to them.

4. Offer your partner special tools that you have for your product - to make their task easier, offer them all the marketing tools you have created to promote your product - banners, email follow-up letters, solo ads, graphics, etc.

5. Ad space - another grand gesture is to offer them free advertising space on your ezine if you have one.

So instead of dismissing an opportunity as out of your reach, start thinking instead about how you could participate with a joint venture. Properly planned and executed, joint ventures can help your small business go where it's never been able to go before.
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