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Apr 5, 2008
Do you want to pay your bills without hassle? Do you take one look on your bill statement and think, "This is going to be a long queue; I have no time for this"? Would you rather work or have a prostate exam than pay your bills? Have you ever experienced having your utility services cut or pay late fees because of your procrastination in regards to bill payment? If that's the case, then you may have to consider online bill payment.

Having a hectic lifestyle should not be a detriment to having your bills paid; that's what online bill payment is for. It's an effective method of paying your bills on time, every time, without any extra hassle on your part. The way it works is that you can send out payment directly from the Internet, with the options to have your payments schedules and coordinated that there won't be any late fees or cut utility services. There are even companies who shoulder the burden of late fees if they fail to pay your overdue bill. How's that for convenience?

Online bill payments started in the late nineties, when commercial banks opened this option for their clients, charging nominal monthly fees for the privilege of using this service. As competition grew and check-processing fees dropped, online bill-paying services were eventually offered for free or dropped altogether.

Once you availed of the online bill payment service, you can enjoy several additional benefits. For example, do you want to keep track of your bill payments, or at least have a service schedules to pay a same amount every month (i.e., down payments, car loans, student loans and mortgage)? Online bill payment has that service.

Additionally, track your bills, transfers, credits and debits with your online bill payment by accessing your statements and seeing your monthly bill in advance.

In choosing which online bill payment service to subscribe to, you should first consider the primary feature you cannot live without. If you usually forget to pay your bills because of constantly avoiding the long queue, choose a service that allows you set your paying schedule perhaps a year in advance. This way, you won't ever experience another electricity-less day.
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