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The Importance Of Train Advertising Kpi

Apr 5, 2008
Train advertising KPI can be an essential metric for businesses to determine the effectiveness of efforts and results to promote products or services inside and outside the railway shuttle.

Train advertising is an example of transportation advertising and out-of-home advertising. This is the approach used by many businesses wishing to reach their targeted audiences and markets. Ads and banners are shown outside the domicile of potential markets. Aside from train advertising, other forms of OOH advertising are billboards, signage, street furniture, and post ads.

Why is the train used for marketing promotion?

Train advertising does not only cover the transportation side. Advertising posts and banners can also be seen on walls and ceiling, waiting areas, entrance points, and exit points of the terminal. The reason that this advertising type is considered is because of the large number of persons that happen to walk-in, stay, and wait inside the terminal, as well the potentially large number of passengers commuting on the train.

The train and the terminal have been targets of advertisers and companies because of the presence of many individuals and passengers riding on the train to and from work, school, or other different destinations. Because of it, the number of impressions, as a result, is likely very high. The captive environment of the train is also another probable reason for regarding it as a marketing strategy. Passengers would most likely pay attention to advertised messages while riding the train. As an aftermath, passengers are more likely to respond to the ads being displayed before them.

To assess the effectiveness of train advertising, KPI can be used as a metric. However, in this form of advertising, there may be complications in coming up with the right measurement for the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. The advertiser cannot fully determine the number of responses from customers using train advertising as a promotional tool. To make this possible, it may be worthwhile to conduct surveys to figure out the statistical number of consumers and customers that respond to train advertising. The number of respondents on the marketing survey can be used as train advertising KPI.

The cost incurred for train advertising is another indicator for performance measurement of the marketing campaign. The percentage of the train advertising cost to the total revenue or sales of the product or service can also be regarded as a KPI. It is important to make an assessment and analysis of the total sales to the cost of train advertising, to determine the effectiveness of the marketing strategy.

Train advertising KPI can be a useful metric to help advertisers come up with a decision with regards to the advertising form. The management must use accurate information to be able to derive a crucial marketing decision.

Identifying the train advertising KPI is essential to be able to come up with an assessment about the performance and effectiveness of the marketing strategy. The aforementioned KPI's for train advertising are examples. Advertisers and top management must identify and analyze the key performance indicators of the advertising form and must compare or evaluate the KPI's with the objectives of the organization.
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