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Why Most People Fail At Fulfilling Their Dreams On The Internet

Apr 5, 2008
To understand why people fail at fulfilling their dreams on the Internet, you could start with the adage, "If you think you can, you do." What does this say to you? People who believe in themselves usually succeed. Not because their task was easy, but because they were too focused on achieving their goals to really pay attention to the obstacles they found on their way.

The Factors That Pull You Down

1. Lack of Self-assurance - The most important ingredient for achieving success is the belief that you can. Without this belief you would be doomed to fail right from the start. This is because your mind would be sub-consciously searching for justification that you indeed cannot do what you have set out to do and the first major obstacles you encounter would be enough to convince you - in association with your already made up mind that it cannot be done - that it cannot be done.

2. Lack of self-imposed discipline - whatever you do, other than perhaps a lottery, would require that you work hard and in a disciplined manner. Wipe out the idea that there is easy money sitting for you to pick it up. Success comes only to those who are willing to put in back-breaking work. The difference is that those who succeed do not feel it as back breaking because they love what they are doing and it is never enough and they are too focused on their goal to succeed to notice the hard work it takes to get there.

3. Lack of a direction - just imagine this. You get into your car and drive about 10 kms every day, but have no particular direction. Where do you reach? Nowhere. Exactly. When you start something on the Internet, you should have a map that tells you where you are going. You should have a plan of action, a time budget, a financial budget, a clock that ticking and tell you where you should be when.

4. Lack of required skills - when you are starting anything on the Internet, and the repertoire of choice is infinite, you need to know how to do it. You need to know what to expect when you do it. You need to have the know-how and the skills. You would not sit behind the wheel of a car without knowing to drive.

You should jump into a business with at least some basic skills. Why do many internet businesses fail? It's not because they didn't have enough capital. It's because they don't really know what they were doing with the money they had. They spent all their time and money testing and making mistakes. When they figured out what was not working, it was too late!

5. Not working hard enough - Starting an online business is an ongoing process. No one can run a succesfull website by working only a few hours per week. Don't be fooled. It isn't that easy.
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