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Client Appreciation The Right Way

Apr 6, 2008
Corporate gifts are used as a way to show appreciation for client loyalty. Gifts can be given for special occasions or for any time of the year. You want to stay in your client's mind so you give them a gift to remind them of your services and by telling him how much you appreciate his business.

Even though corporate gifts can be given any time of the year, it is usually the holiday when most of the gift giving is done. Gifts will show the generous spirit of the season. They will also help you retain a strong business relationship for the coming year. You will also want to show the client you appreciate them as a person and not just as business revenue.

There are other occasions to give corporate gifts, such as birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of a child. This will grab the client's attention at a time when competition is not acknowledging the special occasion.

When picking out a gift for a client, you will want to choose a customized corporate gift with our logo on it to reinforce you brand identity, but you will want to choose the item to be something the client finds desirable and useful for his particular lifestyle. You will want to be considerate of your recipient and it is likely your client will return the favor by regularly using your corporate gifts and continuing the business relationship you have with each other.

You will want to remember to put as much thought into the gifts you give your clients as you would the gifts you buy your own family members. A good corporate gift should be a thoughtful token of appreciation for the recipients and ideally also be something, which he can put to good use. If it looks too shoddy or cheap for a family member then don't give it to a client or employee as a corporate gift.

There are many websites on the Internet, which have huge selections of corporate gifts. It is important to do some comparison-shopping before making a final decision on the vendor you will make your purchases from.

A mistake you don't want to make is confusing promotional items as corporate gifts. They can end up being insulting to your client rather express your sentiments, as you wanted to express them. Promotional items are the pens, backpacks, hats, key chains, etc. with your company logo on it. These gifts because of their inexpensive materials and mass production should never be given a corporate gift. These items are made for as cheap as a few pennies for each item. Giving them to an employee, customer or client is like telling them their contribution was worthless. I hope you will avoid making this mistake at all cost. You can always use this, as a rule of thumb, if you wouldn't want it as a gift, don't give to anyone else as a gift. If you give nice business gifts to your clients they will think of you fondly.
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