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Why Management Of Business And Staff Performance Is Essential

Apr 6, 2008
What is performance management and why is it so important for the business world? The first thing you will need to consider is what we mean by performance in business. The term is primarily used to evaluate and assess the results of all the hard work put into a project and the returns each year. Hard work, training and commitment are not necessarily enough to achieve results.

The key focus of performance management is achieving results and the overall results of your efforts. The performance of employees in this case, is the only focus and the running of the company is not as important as all aspects of the company. These include the entire organisation, the different projects, the different departments, groups and teams, products, services and process.

This helps evaluate the overall achievement of the company at the end of each year. Performance management helps to harness the main objectives of the organisation and helps to achieve its main goals. The process involves the management structure making staff assessments, appraisal, financial appraisals, business planning meetings, coaching, and training and receiving feedback from clients and staff.

This also helps to develop the skills of staff, enhancing their skills and improving services within the company. The improvement is monitored and recorded with further planning and strategy building involved with maintaining the results of the company. In addition, this also increases profit for the firm, which further motivates staff to feel ambitious and satisfied with their hard work and achievement.

This is a relatively new concept, which was introduced to increase the company profit results. Business performance management is believed to have been influenced and inspired by the historical literature by Sun Tzu 'The Art of War', which was written as an influential military strategy. This was based on the idea that to defeat the enemy in war, one should know their own strengths and weaknesses as well as knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing army.

In terms of business, knowing your competitors strengths and weaknesses, as well as your own, will enable the business to succeed in theory. Putting this into practise means that the company will need to collect data, analyse the data and take action from the results that they have obtained.

The benefits are that business can concentrate more on results than focussing on activities and behaviours to getting results. As mentioned before, staff can look busy and working hard, but they could still not be achieving any results. The point is to focus on the results achieved, which will automatically turn your concerns on the method of achievement.

This also benefits staffs working for the company, by assessing job satisfaction, promoting teamwork and focussing on reaching to the goal collectively. It also benefits the company in devising a long-term overview of the company, as ensure equal treatment of staff involved with company.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on performance management having researched on the topic in the past.
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